Depending on what mood Donald Trump just blamed it time to be and time to those FBI employees or Democrats, “debt” to the Russia-special investigations. Often the Name of the former presidential opponent Hillary Clinton, or even of Peter Strzok, former chief of the Department of counterintelligence of the FBI. But regardless of whom is the US President makes in his many Tweets on the subject as the cause of the two-year investigations is always a kind of conspiracy in which he and his Team are innocent and were moved according to his reading behind it – the “witch-hunt”.

Minister of justice to the shutter button,

Though relatively clear is occupied, when, how, and why the investigation was begun, is now to go U.S. attorney General William Barr to the origins. According to the “New York Times,” Barr asked the Prosecutor, John H. Durham to review the trigger for the investigation by the Federal police FBI. Barr Essentially agrees with the point of view Trumps that investigations against the latter’s campaign team were invalid “Spy”.

in may 2017 from the U.S. Department of justice appointed a special investigator Robert Mueller almost had studied for two years whether or not there was collusion, and whether or not Trump disabled with the dismissal of then-FBI chief James Comey and the justice system. At the end of March, Mueller submitted its final report, previously published only in Parts. He talks Trump and his campaign workers from the accusation of collusion-free, but not the obstruction of Justice.

in 2015, the first suspicion against Donald-Trump-Team

Curious, the US authorities were for the first Time by the end of 2015, as they were informed by foreign intelligence services (including German, Polish, and Australian) about any suspicious communication between Trump’s people and Moscow, which lasted until the middle of 2016. In the summer of this year the FBI and the CIA found out that hackers had hacked from Russia, the Server of the democratic party, in the course of these findings, the FBI then began its investigation. After Trump the FBI-released-in-chief, James Comey, and the then Minister of justice Jeff Sessions for self-conscious, had declared, was Robert Mueller appointed as special investigators.

Because of the Mueller Report doesn’t wash US President completely pure, and he manages to give the story the desired rotation, shoots Trump now (again) to the US Federal police FBI, more specifically, on the top, to the currently, Chris Wray. On mother’s day, scolded Trump about his favourite channel, Twitter, the FBI has no “leadership” – a clear top against the Director, he is attacking via the detour of a quote: “The Director protects the same gang that has tried to the President with an illegal coup to replace”, was the message of the trump friendly “judicial watch”, the Trump, so to speak.

It is certainly not the first Time that the US President is turning against his own (Secret)services. The U.S. magazine “The Atlantic” suspect behind the attacks is the fear that the FBI might be in the thing again. It refers to a Passage from the Mueller Report, which States: “The (present) evidence to suggest that a thorough FBI could reveal investigation of the facts, recognize the would be the (Trumps) campaign team and the President personally, as a crime, or to personal or political concerns.” Spitz formulated: If the Federal police effort, it is distressing to find Material against Trump and his people.

sources: REUTERS, “The Atlantic,” the, Donald Trump on Twitter

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