In a nationally televised TV address, has called on Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, the radical Islamic Taliban to have direct peace talks with his government. Previously, the insurgents had achieved in talks with the United States apparently distinct approaches.

so Far, the Taliban to negotiate exclusively with the United States, which they see as the dominant protective power of the Ghani government. The Taleban have two options, said Ghani: you could join together with either the Afghans or the tool of foreign powers and their goals. “Not that there would be war with the Taliban would be the lives of millions of Afghans pleasant,” said Ghani. No Afghan can accept that his children would be cannon fodder or to foreign countries was lost. At the same time, no Afghan wants a longer-term presence of international troops. Currently this is necessary.

On Saturday, the youngest – at least the fifth had ended round of talks in July 2018 between representatives of the Taliban and the United States. It was a withdrawal of international troops, a cease-fire and the question of how to be prevented, that the country is a safe haven for terrorists. Both sides languages, then progress.

The talks are to conduct direct talks with the Taliban in Kabul. However, the U.S. head of delegation, Zalmay Khalilzad, the Taliban could not continue so far, the concession to manage, with Kabul to the negotiating table.

However, the United States and the Taliban had agreed in principle on the framework of a peace agreement, said Khalilzad, the New York Times. The rebels would guarantee that Afghanistan will not be used by internationally active terrorist groups. This could lead to the U.S. troops will be pulled out completely and in return the Taliban to a ceasefire and direct talks with Kabul, agreed.

The frame design would need to be fleshed out, to be able to be a agreement, further quoted the New York Times Khalilzad. The special envoy announced on Saturday via the short message service Twitter that the negotiations would resume “soon”.

the direct talks, US-Taliban felt Kabul temporarily alienated and excluded. In December, the national security adviser, Hamdullah Mohib tweeted that only the people of Afghanistan and their elected leaders could make decisions about the future of the country. Mohib also warned of a rapid Agreement, the “ignore our victims.”

On the fighting, the talks have no impact. The Taliban continue to attack daily checkpoints or military bases of the government and killing dozens of security forces.

special forces of the government of the liberated in the southeastern province of Ghazni in the night to Monday, 38 people from a prison of the Taliban. In the case of the use of at least nine Taliban were killed and nine more have been arrested, said the provincial government. Among the released senior Afghan officers were to be found. An explosives-Laden car, a Taliban military hospital, and four motorcycles were destroyed.