Four AfD members are attacked according to police in Berlin by a group, beaten, and partly to have been injured. The five to seven attackers had attacked late Sunday evening, the AfD-politician, according to their statements, in the vicinity of the Berlinale-cinema “International”, said a police spokeswoman on Monday on request. Two of the four victims had been injured by blows with the fist or a in a cloth bag hidden object easily. Both the 27 and the 31-year-old Beaten had refused treatment in the hospital and had been treated on site.

The 27-Year-old has received according to police, a head bandage. With this, he was later in front of the cinema, as reported by witnesses. He accused Antifa members, to be responsible for the Robbery. Reasons for this assumption he called.

“Young Alternative” speaks of hard-to-injured

Terror process in Poland

Chat loaded Ex-employee of the AfD Has financed Manuel Ochsenreiter a stop?

In a press release, the “young Alternative Berlin” (YES) to read the incident more dramatic than in the representation of the police. According to the “YES” and called the attackers “Fucking Nazis” and had attacked “with sharp objects” and had violated the AfD members “part hard”.

On demand of the star referring to the Details of the attack, a police spokeswoman only on ongoing police investigations. According to the news Agency DPA, the police are searching for the perpetrators, and still has no evidence of this.

Berlinale-Director, invited AfD members

The AfD members were on the way to the cinema. Berlinale Director Dieter Kosslick had invited supporters of the right-wing populist party to a free visit of the documentary film “The secret archive in the Warsaw Ghetto”. “All AfD members, all the deputies in the Bundestag, AfD, are free may to the movies. I personally invited. I’ll pay any Ticket.”

Berlinale 2019

These Stars are expected to be


He had expressed his hope, that as many as possible will see the Film. “And if you say, that is afraid of a fly, then I have to tell you, maybe someone else will step in as the filmmakers.” So he played on, a controversial Manifestation of AfD leader Alexander Gauland, who had referred to the Nazi past as “bird shit” in German history.

Film documents life in the Warsaw Ghetto

The Film tells the story of the 1941 founded the underground archive in the Warsaw Ghetto. It should document how the Jews lived in the Ghetto and how they were murdered.

the fact That the Berlinale is showing the Film, reasoned Kosslick also with a scandal in the Bavarian Parliament at a memorial event for the victims of national socialism. AfD members were left at the end of January demonstrative the chamber, after the President of the Jewish community of Munich, Charlotte Knobloch, said the AfD was “just for me, on the floor of our democratic Constitution”.

sources: police of Berlin, Young Alternative Berlin

tkr with DPA