The AfD-politician André Poggenburg must hold for two years, no political party offices. The decided of the Federal Executive of the party, as a Board member Kay Gottschalk reported on Tuesday evening. The Saxony-Anhalt state Parliament member and former group Chairman, was irritated a lot of people at a party of friends previously with pithy sayings on Twitter.

the AfD in the Saxony-Anhalt

Sex-messages and intimate photos released – the name validly published names his AfD “rat hole”

the name validly published that adorns his Twitter profile recently with a blue cornflower, had written in the short message service on new year’s eve: “The citizens of our national community a healthy, peaceful and Patriotic 2019!” Gottschalk said afterwards: “This is a desperate attempt to gain attention in a personally hopeless Situation. That doesn’t change the fact: this choice of words is unacceptable.” Poggenburg is the Chairman of the AfD in the castle district. He can lock against the posts in front of the AfD-the land court of arbitration in Saxony-Anhalt actions.

Andr̩ Poggenburg Рincreasingly in the AfD-far Away

After several controversial Speeches was the name validly published in March 2018 internal pressure as a party and parliamentary leader in Saxony-Anhalt, resigned. Later it came to differences of opinion between him and other leading members of the legal national “wing” in the AfD. Its best-known representatives of the Thuringian state chief Björn Höcke.


AfD-right grouping

Only “Höcke-wing” – Andre Poggenburg pulls back from the right-wing AfD group

The star, an internal AfD-paper, in the Andre Poggenburg explains that he believes he is at the top of the AfD-right grouping “in The wings”. He leaves the influence of the group not to Björn Höcke, but only the.

Wigbert Löer dho / DPA

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