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the protection of the Constitution may not describe the AfD as a “test case” (14.54 PM)May parliamentary shift offers the Brexit (13.49 PM)Dutch customs seized 90,000 bottles of vodka – you should have been Kim Jong-Un (13.33 hours), and fishing in Japan rare oarfish (11.19 a.m.)According to the ECJ, is Halal meat not organic (10.24 PM)

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+++ 16.28 PM: Nearly 300 Venezuelan military and police +++

In the last days, according to media, nearly 300 members of the Venezuelan security forces report deserted. According to the Colombian migration authorities 274 military and police officers are starting on Saturday across the border to Colombia fled, as the Colombian newspaper “El Tiempo” reported. On the Brazilian side are run, according to the news portal “G1” seven Venezuelan Uniformed over.