The AfD threatened with in the affair to be a party to a further penalty payment – donations this time in connection with the Chairman Jörg Meuthen. It is a matter of the amount of 280,000 euros, reported the ZDF on Monday.

The Federal administration had informed Meuthen about the threat of a penalty payment. From the pages of the Bundestag administration, it was officially, the process was not yet complete. Therefore, one could publish any explanations. Also, an AfD spokesman declined to under reference to the current procedure, an opinion.

Already in the last week, it was reported that the AfD to pay a fine of more than 100,000 euros in connection with the European election candidates, Guido Reil may be in the house. In both cases, it comes to advertising in election campaigns through the Swiss Goal AG is not allowed to look to donate the AfD for illegal party, the Bundestag administration, however, seems to have already.

In Meuthen is to support in 2016 for the state election in Baden-Württemberg, in the case of Reil in 2017 for the state election in North Rhine-Westphalia. Meuthen is currently the top candidate of the AfD in the European elections.

in addition, the Bundestag is investigating donations for the election campaign of the AfD group Chairman Alice ryegrass from Switzerland. Here, it comes to roughly Euro 132,000, which had been transferred in 2017, in several tranches to their district Association at the lake of Constance. The Bundestag wants to clarify whether the money citizens really originates from the German and other EU. For donations from patrons who are not EU citizens are not allowed to accept German parties.