The AfD has acknowledged the error of its officials in dealing with political contributions and with the “ignorance in the beginning of time”.

The parliamentary managing Director of the AfD group in the Bundestag, Bernd Baumann, said, such, mistakes in building the institutions of a new party can hardly be avoided.

In the case of the donation to the district Association of the group’s boss, Alice ryegrass had discussed the Treasurer of the party at various levels. “And at some point, Dear God is then said, “that is a bit opaque, we’ll find out where that comes from, actually, let’s back to be recorded.””

The AfD may be referred to the statement by your Chairman Jörg Meuthen penalties in the amount of approximately 400,000 euros. In the “world,” admitted Meuthen, that he had received at the beginning of 2016 in the baden-württemberg state Parliament election campaign of the Swiss Agency Goal AG support in the value of 89.800 Euro, which would be considered by the Bundestag administration as illegal gratuities.

In the case of the AfD-politician Guido Reil, and was supported in 2017 in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia state election campaign of the Goal AG, the Bundestag administration of an improper party donation in the amount of 44,500 euros, said Meuthen. In his view, there was “no donations in the sense of the party to the right”.

“The handling of the AfD with their donations affair is underground,” said the parliamentary Manager of the Greens, Britta Haßelmann. She urged: “There must be an end to the obfuscation and specious excuses.”