co-founder Bernd Lucke calls for Monitoring the AfD by the protection of the Constitution. “There are people and organizations in the AfD, whose loyalty to the Constitution can doubt,” he told the “time” according to an advance notification in the weekly newspaper. Lucke described the AfD as the “a latent xenophobic, German nationalist party with right-wing pockets”. Therefore, the domestic to watch the secret service, parts of the AfD “rather than the pins, perhaps to disaster.”

Ex-AfD chief shouted against the satirist

Bernd Lucke: “the Bohemian man is a cowardly son of a bitch”

By Christoph Fröhlich

On the question of whether he would start the AfD today, once again, told Lucke: “no. Quite clearly, no.” This, in the meantime, had become “a completely different party”, “a, I would not have founded I would not want to promote, and I choose not to.”

AfD-founder Bernd Lucke wanted to have been on hunger strike

His greatest error was to have the former AfD leader Frauke Petry familiar. “I knew you hardly, but she was committed, intelligent and presentable. That’s why I promoted you.” In a vote she had replaced him in 2015 in his role as party chief, whereupon he resigned from the party. He founded the party of Alfa. Since November of 2016 Luckes party Liberal-Conservative reformers (LKR).

Also, Petry is now in the AfD: Because of a dispute about the political orientation they had to leave immediately after the Bundestag election in September 2017, the party, and was moved, as a group, lots of members to Parliament.

Prior to the dislocation of the two they had, according to Lucke and common plans: “2013 Frauke have Petry and I think if we go on a hunger strike to force the Merkel government to the consultation of the files to save the Euro.” Petry didn’t want to be hungry after a consultation with your family, then but but.

source: in advance a message of “The time”

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