In connection with the poster campaign the help of the Swiss Goal AG for the AfD Federal Executive Board member Guido Reil has initiated the public Prosecutor’s office to eat a criminal investigation against unknown.

will be Determined because of the suspicion of a violation of the party law and because of infidelity. A authorities spokesperson has confirmed a report of the “mirror”.

“The investigation is directed against not yet known by name function carrier of the party who were involved in the accountability of the party for 2017,” said chief public Prosecutor Anette Milk the German press Agency. It was not directed against the Essenes AfD-politician Reil – the beneficiary of the poster campaign – “because he was concerned at the relevant time, neither the financial accounting with the accounting”. There had to be someone submitting the accountability report, or someone “in the info chain of unfair influence” take. “We are focusing on: Who has written this accountability report, such as the German Bundestag has been submitted.” The method course in the Department of politically motivated crimes.

The Swiss Goal, the AG had made in 2017, posters and other promotional materials for Reil’s state election campaign in North Rhine-Westphalia. The AfD is not for an illegal party donation and will, if necessary, approach a court against the possible penalties. The Bundestag administration of government grants in the amount of 44 500 Euro, pointed out last week, but the fact that the procedures were not yet completed. Also had not yet been decided on, the amount of any financial claim against the AfD in accordance with the party law.

On these possible penalties, the investigation by the Prosecutor’s office because of infidelity apply now. Who have caused as a function of the carrier of such penalties, to have committed the party to an infidelity, said Milk.

in Total, the AfD threaten in the party affair donation-according to a recent statement by your Chairman Jörg Meuthen penalties in the amount of approximately 400,000 euros.