commotion in the Bavarian Parliament: a commemorative event for the victims of national socialism, some AfD members have left in Protest, the plenary pointedly.

it was in response to a speech by the President of the Israelite religious community Munich and upper Bavaria, Charlotte Knobloch. “This so-called Alternative for Germany bases its policy on hate and exclusion and not only for me, on the floor of our democratic Constitution,” said the former President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany on Wednesday in the Parliament.

“It is our responsibility of all of us that the Unimaginable may not repeat itself,” said Knobloch. How big is this task that we see today, with a view to the entry of the AfD into the country daily, and in the Bundestag.

A majority of the members of the AfD group, including the group Chairman Katrin Ebner-Steiner, then left the chamber. The remaining guests for the memorial was donated Knobloch a standing ovation and much applause, only the present AfD’s deputies remained in their places to sit.

as Knobloch in her speech, the free society and all the parties for the protection of the democracy called to handle the AfD directly: “Today, and here a party is represented, the power of these values are despicable and crimes of the national socialists played down and close Connections, holds to the extreme right-wing Milieu.” Only after the Knoblochs speech, the AfD’s Deputy came back into the chamber.