An anonymous campaign against the AfD in the Bundestag deputies Martin Hess creating unrest in baden-württemberg land Association of the party.

Hess sees itself as the victim of an intrigue. The background of his assumption of an anonymous E-Mail was a candidate, according to a member of the national Association shortly before a party Congress, on the Hess for the country’s presidency, was sent. It is speculated about whether Hess – the police officer – perhaps for the protection of the Constitution works.

In the Letter, which was leaked to the German press Agency, States, inter alia: “The management and preservation of your Association depends on the occupation of Mr Martin Hess in the national Board of Directors, that much is certain. Mr. Hess should be but have been deliberately introduced in the AfD, you could prevent worse.”

Bundestag faction boss, Alice ryegrass told the German press Agency: “this cowardly and unworthy campaign, I was frightened of really.” Ryegrass, which is also the baden-württemberg belongs to the country Association, said: “It is now time to put everything in mind that such methods do school.” In order to protect the members, had to inform the AfD of these because of the access to the mail addresses for reasons of data protection serious case, “with all available legal means”.

The AfD-landesverband Baden-Württemberg had on 23. February elected at a party Congress in Heidenheim, member of the Bundestag Dirk Spaniel and a parliamentary group boss Bernd Gögel to its new Chairman. Gögel prevailed over his adversary Emil Sänze in from the right edge of the party. The subsequent election of the Co-chairs won the Spaniel. He won with 371 votes against Hess, who received 341 votes.

Hess said: “I have initiated legal action against the perpetrators of the same acts multiple illegal and immoral. With the aim of preventing my election, he sent false and defamatory statements about me in more than 4,000 party members, whose personal data he had acquired illegally.” In order to give the impression that this email was legitimized by the national Board of Directors, he has a fake in addition, the sender’s address. This “rampage against a former party friends” had to have consequences.

The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution classifies two sub-organizations of the AfD as a “suspected case” in the field of right-wing extremism: the “wings” and the youth organization “Young Alternative”. Hess belongs to a workgroup, set up by the AfD Federal Executive Board last September, to deal with the issue of a possible observation by the constitutional protection. Among the alleged “clues”, which are guided in the anonymous E-Mail against Hess in the field, also noting: “He is significantly involved for a disproportionate “cleansing” the AfD”.


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Teodora Torrendo is an investigative journalist and is a correspondent for European Union. She is based in Zurich in Switzerland and her field of work include covering human rights violations which take place in the various countries in and outside Europe. She also reports about the political situation in European Union. She has worked with some reputed companies in Europe and is currently contributing to USA News as a freelance journalist. As someone who has a Masters’ degree in Human Rights she also delivers lectures on Intercultural Management to students of Human Rights. She is also an authority on the Arab world politics and their diversity.


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