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AfD sued for the protection of the Constitution (17.20)Many further references to the case of abuse on the NRW-campsite (15.49 PM)seven-storey building collapsed in Istanbul and rescue work (15.38 PM), more and more dead E-Bike rider (15.23 PM)In Belgium, missing Boy showed up after almost 20 years (13.40)

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+++ 17.55 PM: court: minimum wage also applies to employees of companies abroad +++

workers who are employed abroad, but work in Germany, you must receive minimum wage. The Finance court of Berlin-Brandenburg decided. The court rejected this Polish forwarding companies back claims against the validity of the minimum wage law. The judgments of 16. January but these were not yet final, said a spokesman.

Therefore, must pay the employer out of the home and abroad, for the time, the work of your employees in Germany, at least the legal minimum wage. This applies also, if the activity lasts only a short time, as is often the case with long-distance lorry drivers from abroad. To view the Cottbus judge the obligation to pay the minimum wage, neither against Europe – is a violation against constitutional law.

+++ 17.44 p.m.: dispute in lower Saxony: Streckenradare unconstitutional? +++

the nationwide first-range radar in lower Saxony is kindled according to the judgment of the Federal constitutional court to the car license plate trim is a dispute. The land data protection Commissioner Barbara Thiel called for the immediate setting up of the Pilot project, which saw the Ministry of the interior in Hannover for no reason.

The plant, near Hannover, recorded the speed of vehicles not only at a certain point, but the average calculated speed on a long section. The data collected will be deleted immediately, if the driver of the speed limit. Thiel is relying in its claim on a new judgment of the constitutional court. It involves the automatic adjustment of number plates of all motorists with suspect data by the police. This is the view of the Karlsruhe judges in at least three States. The appropriate measures in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse are unconstitutional.

+++ 17.20: AfD sued for the protection of the Constitution +++

The AfD has sued the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution. A spokesman for the party of the German press Agency confirmed on Wednesday. First of all, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ) reported. According to the report, the party would ask that the authority is no longer public on the classification of the party as a “test case” reports. For the “public discrediting message,” there is no legal basis, is argued in a writ from the district court of Cologne, the “SZ”, WDR and NDR. In the font set appropriate injunction were to be ordered.

National assessment

The AfD is now a “test case” for the protection of the Constitution – what it actually means?

The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution classifies the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in its entirety as a “test case” for a possible observation. How serious it is now for ryegrass, Gauland and co.?

+++ 17.01 PM: Brandenburg FDP has no top candidates for European elections, more +++

The FDP in Brandenburg, Germany is the top candidate for the European election is lost. The Berlin FDP politician Martin Lindner withdrew his candidacy, according to the national Association of Brandenburg. “The reason, only the differences with the Chairman, I clearly know too little support,” said Lindner of the newspaper “Potsdamer neueste Nachrichten”.

FDP-land-in-chief Axel Graf Bülow expressed disappointment: “We regret that Dr. Lindner, despite the backing of the national Association of personal intentions about the party.” He could see the Association but in terms of content and staff well for the upcoming election campaigns prepared, said Bülow, according to the memo.

+++ 16.50 PM: President López Obrador: trump’s speech was respectful of Mexico +++

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has construed Statements by the US President in his speech on the state of the Nation as a “respectful”. “There were a couple of accusations, but that is his right, that is his point of view,” said López Obrador, at a news conference. He is not going to get into an argument, so the 65-Year-old. Donald trump’s statement that Mexican regional governments, migrants from Central America are helping to reach the border to the United States, had to wide to be explained, so López Obrador. “But we will not speak.”

+++ 16.42 PM: the death toll after a dam break in Brazil rises to 150 +++

Almost two weeks after the dam break at an iron ore mine in Brazil, the number of confirmed deaths has risen to 150. 182 other people were still missing, the civil protection authority said. The number of dead is likely to rise even further.

the Least difficult of the salvage rain work. On Thursday, the helpers would meet with Team to discuss the progress of the salvage work, said fire Department spokesman Pedro Aihara. 134 bodies could be samples with the help of DNA pair, or on the basis of the teeth already identified.

The dam at the Mine Córrego do Feijão, the Brazilian mining group Vale, was on 25. January broken. A mudslide rolled through parts of the facility and adjacent settlements near the town of Brumadinho in the state of Minas Gerais and buried people, houses and animals. Overall, ergo around twelve million cubic metres of mud shot on an area of about 290 hectares, the equivalent of 400 football fields.

+++ 16.08 PM: Pompeo: withdrawal from Syria is not the end of US action against IS +++

The announced withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, according to the words of US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo not the end of the American operation against the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS). The type of operation does not change the mean but the end of the “American battle,” said Pompeo at the start of a conference of the Anti-IS coalition in Washington, at the Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas part. The IS is still a “threat”. It is the task of the present Generation, to stop this, added Pompeo.