“Mrs Merkel, I curse the day of your birth.” With this massively criticized, now-deleted Tweet, the AfD had responded to the Bundestag, Verena Hartmann, on the death of an eight-year-old boy who had been pushed in the Frankfurt train station by a man from Eritrea in front of a ICE. In a summer interview with the ZDF AfD-Federal spokesman Jörg Meuthen took his Party colleague, in spite of this lapse in protection: “the fact That people react highly emotionally, and maybe even a false set out of whack, I have a bit of understanding.”

Distorted image

study shows how AfD fear of immigrants


Hartmann Stokes have emotionally overreacted, which is understandable, even if the sentence was “unacceptable” and “inappropriate”. That his party such acts and abused political tool, wanted to let the AfD man do not apply. “We do not distort the perception, but we point to acts that are there,” took Meuthen for his party. The AfD, according to a study of the “criminal-political magazine” disproportionately on foreign perpetrators of crimes notes, defended the Federal spokesman. Meuthen: “What’s going on in this country, leads to an increasing uncertainty on the part of millions of people,” he said. “We pick up on, and I think it is politically correct and responsible.”

Jörg Meuthen: “The wing is not part of the AfD,”

Also, is that last other AfD members through Tweets and Posts on Facebook a significant contribution to a coarsening of the tone in the public debate, rejected Meuthen in an Interview with the ZDF. As an example, he cited the claim of the Rhineland-Palatinate, AfD heads, Uwe Young to “a revolt of the generals”. This was not a call to violence, but a criticism of the fact that CDU leader, Kramp-Karrenbauer, Annegret, a non-expert politician, to the Secretary of defense was made. Young was “the last one to start a Revolution”, so Meuthen.

Already there in the AfD for the extremist Position of no majority, said the MEP. The referred in the Interview to the Thuringian AfD-Chairman Björn Höcke-mentioned law the national “wings”. Meuthen: “The wing is not part of the AfD!”

the direction of the fight

How far to the right, the AfD? Party tip makes pressure on Höcke

climate change: “There is no end of the world”

The intensive discussion of the consequences of climate change, the AfD national spokesperson for “climate hysteria”. Nobody can deny that there is climate change, however, there is “no Consensus” that man is responsible. This is the opinion of the AfD is, however, already been contradicted many times. Instead, some 97 percent of climate scientists believe climate change to be made in his manner, and his pace people.

Meuthen speaks of “Überdramatisierung” and says: “There is no end of the world.” Currently, a “green ideology” – influenced energy policy is harmful to the environment special. “Wind energy is absurd. The solar technology can cover’s never.” Germany would get in a parallel phase-out of coal and nuclear energy, with enormous economic difficulties – in particular, if it waivers as the only country of these two energy types. Meuthen: “This is a single aberration.”

The summer interview with the AfD-Chairman Jörg Meuthen be running this Sunday, 4. August, at 19 clock in the ZDF and in the ZDF-Mediathek available.

sources: “ZDF”, “climate facts”

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