The AfD-Chairman Jörg Meuthen is estimated that almost every fifth member of his party can be included in the national “wings” by Björn Höcke the course. “Those who feel themselves explicitly to the ‘wings’ belonging to the probably not even 20 percent of the members. But this is only a rough guideline value,” he said in an Interview with the German press Agency. “If you count those who sympathize with this current of the party, then maybe we are at 30 percent.”

Strongly of the “wing”, especially in Brandenburg, Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-is ongoing, said Meuthen. In the West, the following is generally small, “but given that Baden-Württemberg would be at the front”.

the direction of the dispute in the party

The “wings” knows no formal membership. The flow was founded in 2015 by the Thuringian AfD-country Chairman, Björn Höcke. Among her most influential personalities of the Brandenburg AfD-Chef Andreas Kalbitz and a member of the Landtag of Saxony-Anhalt, Hans-Thomas till Schneider also. The protection of the Constitution classifies the “wings” as a suspected case for right-wing extremist aspirations. For the party, this is not true.

the direction of the fight

How far to the right, the AfD? Party tip makes pressure on Höcke

After a Meeting of the “wing” on the 6. July beat the waves in the party. More than 100 officials and representatives of the AfD published an appeal in which the “excessively ostentatious cult of Björn Höcke” complained and Höckes “gap at the end of criticism of the Federal Executive and the arbitration courts of the AfD”. Meuthen is not one of the signatories, has been linearized, but the concern of the initiators to solid.

the dispute was originally scheduled for this Thursday a special meeting of the party Executive Committee on the theme “wings”. That it is waived, finds Meuthen correctly. He said: “The Situation has eased due to intra – party discussions, the fire is already under control.” He played in a terse statement, the Kalbitz and Höcke on 16. July widespread. It says, “the right economical factual criticism is” standing in the “wings” behind the President of the Federal Executive, and its two Chairman.

Meuthen sees the greens as a political opponent

On the question to the currently most important political opponents of the AfD Meuthen replied: “This is a rich field. Since we can first talk about all the Green. We can talk about the social Democrats and the Left.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the future EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer would be for a policy-design that makes the CDU “our opponent”. Because of the Leyen “massively left-wing positions” represent, he could not be happy about the fact that a German Commission President.

electoral defeat in the circle Association

How to get a small mutiny against Meuthen, the great of strength in the AfD shows

Meuthen wants to run on a party Congress at the end of November again for the party chairmanship. Him because of the party donations affair might backfire, he will not believe it. “I have not committed more than a carelessness,” said the FSC Chairman. He had to take a closer look, “however, I would not have come in a hundred years, the idea that this is a donation to a political party-connection can be constructed”. Meuthen has 2016 in the baden-württemberg state Parliament election campaign of the Swiss Agency Goal AG received support in the value of 89.800€.

Ambivalent views of the AfD to the GDR

To compete in the autumn regional elections in Saxony, Brandenburg and Thuringia, the AfD, with the Motto “turn 2.0”. The view of the party and its supporters on the GDR is ambivalent. “In the Eastern part of the country associations, you know what you’ve won looks through the turn. But you can see a bit of what was lost,” described Meuthen the mood. As the sensation was, on the one hand, you have lost social security. The anger, the fiduciary is still very present “, and also in part traceable”.

That there were regional differences in the choice programs in principle, it is legitimate, find Meuthen. “If the people in the East have a high preference for state products and services, then it is with concepts that are more liberal, for example, following the example of Switzerland, there are not so successful can be.” Originally for September scheduled “social party”, the AfD wanted to agree on an approach to securing the pension, had been cancelled.

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