The motorist club ADAC also advertises in view of the imminent launches of electric scooters in Germany for more consideration to vulnerable road users.

“This is especially true for motorists”, said ADAC Vice President Gerhard Hillebrand of the German press Agency on the occasion of the road safety day on Saturday. It also applies to users of E-scooters with views of pedestrian, could happen unexpectedly to the bike path. Thus, the traffic safety does not suffer from the new variety, it need to have clear rules of behavior, who should where to and how fast be on the road.

Need even more consideration and Fairness, however. “What we are experiencing currently, especially in our large cities, is increasingly portable,” said Hillebrand. Also, traffic education and the training of novice drivers would need to be adjusted, and the total extended. The ADAC expects in General that increasingly motorized Small – and micro-vehicles will be on the road.

The path for the Start-up of electric scooters is free. On Saturday, the regulation of the General authorisation and the technical requirements came into force. Now, manufacturers and rental companies to address further preparations, so that the driver can drive from the age of 14 with the companions in the course of this summer probably at the earliest in July, it should be in many cities so far. Fixed traffic rules and fines of up to € 70 now.