The dispute over the return of German IS-fighters and their families from Syria to Germany will now be held in a court of law.

A lawyer from Hanover, wants to force the Federal government before the administrative court of Berlin, to pick up two orphan children from a Syrian refugee camp her grandparents in Germany. The mother of four – and almost two-year-old girl from Baden-Württemberg, the root end IS supporter to come in to Fight to the last IS-Bastion in Baghus killed.

The refugee camp was completely overcrowded, said lawyer Dirk Schoenian in the Germany radio. “The medical care is not guaranteed in the approach, there is the danger of the outbreak of diseases, and there is also the risk of sexual Assault, particularly in relation to vulnerable children.”

The administrative court in Berlin is the fast-tracked since Tuesday pending. Normally it takes up to a decision two or three months, said a spokesman on request. “But it can also go faster.” The application for a temporary injunction was filed in the capital, because here the Federal government has its seat.

in Baden-Württemberg living grandparents have guardianship for the children. The Foreign office argued, according to media reports, in Syria, no Consul could be made to disciplinary help because the Embassy is closed in Damascus. “It seems to me to be more so that the Federal government wants, and not about can’t,” said Schoenian the transmitter. The Federal government was, in his view, entirely in the position to be present on the site, such as through secret services.

Schoenian is already planning further actions. “I represent currently, now four families, a total of ten children,” he told the German press Agency. This is also a case of Wolfsburg, and one from the vicinity of Magdeburg, count. He preferred the clearest case. “I want to push in the next week, then a request for the event from Wolfsburg behind,” said Schoenian. Here, grandparents had entrusted to him, your daughter-in-law and three grandchildren at the age of one and a half, five and seven years to bring home. In the other case it is going to be a mother from Saxony-Anhalt, and their three children.

The number of German children in the former IS-the area is estimated to be the media, according to a report in 200 to 300. Iraq should have offered the Federal government and other States in the meantime to bring foreign fighters from Syrian Camps in Iraq and to put before the court.

the prerequisite for this is, according to one of the German Embassy in Baghdad to Berlin submitted the list of demands of the Iraqis, a one-time payment of ten million dollars for each Suspect. It would add $ 100 million for the construction of a prison and a court building. Also the running costs for judges, guards, and medical care would, in the case of the Germans to settle.

A waiver of imposition of the death penalty is out of the question according to the report, for the Iraqis. For this reason alone, the claims of the Federal government would be classified as not acceptable. The Foreign office said on Reuters request, only that the Iraqi proposals were known and added: “It is confidential diplomatic correspondence, to Express the Form and content of which we ourselves, in principle.”