Philipp Ruch is one of the most controversial performance artists in Germany. Last November, he and his “center for political beauty is excited to be” once again a sensation. The reason is the “Soko-Chemnitz”. At the time of action alleged neo-Nazis should have to be tracked with thru letters and photos on a Website. It was then determined against the head of the artists ‘ collective.

Ruchs for the time being, the last string of consequences. Because Horst Seehofer’s saw the Ministry of the interior in Ruchs for Friday of this week a planned appearance at the Congress of the Federal centre for political education (BpB) in Leipzig, Germany, a “state-funded legitimacy of the methods of the center for political beauty”, intervened in the child BpB. The Rest of the story is well known: the Ministry of The interior intervened in the Federal centre, and Ruch was not allowed to occur (here’s our report). With the star of the action art of a rebel, spoke about the lack of Emotion in politics, why it needs to be more segregation and a divided society would be desirable.

Congress of political education

Ministry prevents speech of artists: SPD-politicians submit letter to Seehofer and protest

Philipp Ruch on Break: “I’ve been thinking about it”

Mr. Ruch, on Friday, you would have to actually hold a speech in Leipzig at the Congress of the centre for political education. The interior Ministry under their speech said to you. “The world,” has advised you on Thursday in a comment alluding to the toilet joke, the CDU-Chairman Kramp-karrenbauer, a Unisex toilet in the Congress building in Leipzig to break in. Have you thought about it?

Philipp Ruch: Yes, I’ve been thinking to do that. But not in Leipzig but in Ingolstadt, where our Minister lives, and to him the present personally.

you have taken the advice to heart?

Not by the Unisex toilet, which he is not. This is going to be the toilet in a normal House.

The Congress in Leipzig under the Motto, policy, and feelings. You feel the policy is censored. What’s going on in your head?

I do not feel censored, but banned. Political observers in Berlin are aware of no similar case. The Ministry is trying, as quite a normal thing to downplay. But for me, this is the Bavarian demon, blowing now in the political Berlin, and we need to stop is definitely stop. A Ministry of the Talking yourself, and conventions paid for, believes in, to be able to people by the decree of the performances hold, is a big misunderstanding. In the Federal centre for political education, smart people that can think for myself to sit. The don’t need supervision, as it is explained in the Ministry of the interior. Service oversight – that speaks volumes: sounds like small children, you must constantly monitor. This is a patronizing, it was not so. I’m just a radical political art. But the land centre for political education in Saxony even invited Pegida (editors ‘ note: the “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the Occident”). Since there were no concerns. But when it comes to humanism, it appears to be critical.

Even tolerance has a limit

published by The daily newspaper “The world” that you wanted to keep, in its Friday edition. You complain that you encountered the extreme Right and neo-Nazis with too much tolerance. But it’s not exactly the most tolerant societies?

totally! But, you know, we are a tolerant society and tolerate, nevertheless, not a drug dealer. We are a tolerant society and tolerate, nevertheless, no terrorism. And we are a tolerant society and tolerate, nevertheless, not pedophilia. If you take these three forms of Crime because there are enough people that you could invite to talk shows and for their interests to argue. Also, the tolerance has a limit. We have to draw the hostility to Democracy. We live in an age of hostility to Democracy, this is not a fire hazard, because it can go very fast.

Could you be more specific?

We know from the story of how terribly fast it 1928 to 1932 can go: where the Nazi party of 2.6 percentage spikes to over 37 percent of the vote. In just four years! What in gods name happened?

A greater dispassion than in the case of Angela Merkel, I can’t imagine

Can you explain what is happening politically, in order that emotions play in politics is becoming a larger role?

emotions have played in politics, always a great role, also a feeling of management. Compassion and kindness are the Problem of our society. To defend our old idealism, the legacy of the enlightenment is lost slowly. We will do so, as humanism would be only one Position among many. So as it is the same, to represent the basic law, to argue for its abolition””. It is not so. The latter enemy of the Constitution is clear and we need to outlaw. As we outlaw terrorists or drug dealers.


excitement to the memorial action against Höcke – President of the Landtag mixes a


How strong are feeling stressed, the German policy?

Our government has been suffering for at least 15 years under the lack of Emotion. We can see the shrug of the shoulders of Angela Merkel. A greater dispassion, I can’t imagine that, as in the case of our almost the duration of Helmut Kohl in office, German Chancellor. The big Problem is feeling cold. The Heartlessness. The fact that we condemn on the one hand, the DDR-Regime, rightly, for what it is in 28 years of the wall. On the other hand, the EU creates loose in a week, which has produced the GDR in 28 years dead. Only in the Mediterranean sea. That is, there is an absolute coldness towards our fellow human beings, of their Die, we know. If the American President can lock up children, to cry here all. But who cries for precisely the children that we can directly drown in the Mediterranean?

does That mean?

to take, I urge that the death we cause by our policy, seriously. It should only be a paragraph from the right to stay away, the Paragraph 63 (editor’s note: The Paragraph 63 of the German Aufenthaltsrecht prohibits companies that transport foreigners without a passport and a visa to Germany) and nobody would have to die in the Mediterranean sea.


Because of the need of protection could buy the end of the flight tickets. The smugglers are up to 20 times more expensive, and 20,000 times life is more dangerous than any airline.

In the case of forces that are working against the Constitution and the independent human rights, it is unworthy of a democracy, to exclude them

After her speech, ban said to the star, to censor an artist because he is critical of, is unworthy of a democracy. What is unworthy of a democracy? to differentiate

Between forces fighting for the Constitution and human rights, and the forces that work against it. And for those who work, however, I am of the opinion that it is a democracy that is worthy of you, to exclude. We need more exclusion! But we do not need exclusion in the ways that humanist positions or rights to be represented as the left or dangerous.

critics often as the left radical. Do you feel so?

no, thank God, more rarely. Most of you know that I’m deeply conservative. I mean the General. When in Chemnitz, hundreds of journalists are attacked, then it is done so as if it were from “the other side”. I don’t remember that at the G20 summit in Hamburg, journalists only have been threatened on the streets of Chemnitz.

It must not compromise type

you have already staged a refugee funerals, a Holocaust memorial in front of the house of the AfD-politician Björn Höcke installed and Soko-Chemnitz called. The Federal centre for political education, justified the step to your Congress outreach, among other things, the investigation on the disputed Soko-Chemnitz, in the with plug-in letters and photos on a web site to neo-Nazis looking for should be. Justifies for the purpose of the funds?

Yeah, sure. I am firmly convinced of, at least, as long as it comes to the struggle for the defense of human rights. Hundreds of years have died, people in this battle, have given their lives. The end justifies the means. Just because we now have human rights organisations such as Amnesty International, to which we in this fight have abdelegiert, we must remember, however, that you will lead this fight, but that you operate a business in the great compromise. What embody our actions, the uncompromising fight for human rights. There must be and there must no compromise. The enforcement of human rights is the last political utopia, the us on the battlefield of ideas of the 20th century. Century remained.

at the Time, no one has said: ‘Mr. Churchill, you might not columns, so please, the world’

In the grounds of the Ministry of the interior and the Federal centre for political education to its speech prohibition is also talk of a divided society. To Nazi times were switched companies. A divided society would not actually be desirable?

Yes, that’s right. When I was young, was considered art as something completely loose Power. And now the inside throw our Ministry, that we polarize with the radical art of a whole society. This results in a greater appreciation of the Power of art, in fact, than you would trust a man like Horst Seehofer at all. I would like to say that democracy polarize enemies. It even comes to it, to polarize. Churchill did not behave well to a standstill, as Hitler occupied Europe. Since no one has said: “Mr. Churchill, you might not columns changes the world and the Nazis.” The Appeasement policy has worked against the extreme Right. If you stretch out the extreme Right Hand, then create the democracy.

By searching image databases, because you want to illustrate the article to you, it is striking that they occur often with black ash in the face. Why are you doing this?

The ash consists of the burnt hopes of Germany.

What do you mean?

Germany has a lot of dominated for too long, the dictum of Helmut Schmidt, Who has visions, should go to the doctor. I am of the opinion that anyone who has visions, should, please, go urgently to the doctor. Political hopes are scarce. When have you heard the last utopia? We live in a time in which great hopes are burnt down, and only charred remnants remain.