In Italy, has spoken of a court, two men in a rape case, on the ground freely, the alleged victim had looked “male”. Women’s rights activists demonstrated on Monday in front of the court in Ancona, Italian media reported.

The acquittal was already in place in the year 2017. The justification was but Recently known, as in Italy, ordered the Supreme court for a new trial.

woman Accused of not attractive

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woman have found wants to separate from friend, because he was raped

A Peruvian, had to be specified, two of the country people have mixed your 2015 drug into a drink. One of the men raped her, while the other guard had stood. The two men were spoken of 2016, guilty. The court of appeal in Ancona reversed the judgment but a year later again.

The court of appeal held the statements of the wife not credible. Rather, it is possible that the woman have self-organized the “boisterous” evening.

The men had found the woman once more attractive, said the court. So one of the men had saved the woman with the nickname of “Viking” in his cell phone – an allusion to a “not female, but rather male figure”. “The photo in your file seems to confirm this.”

The case is now before a court in Perugia renegotiated.