How far is the freedom of art? This question is at the center of the story to the known investigations of the public Prosecutor’s office Gera against the “center for political beauty”. What happened?

On Wednesday, it became known that against the artists ‘ collective for “forming a criminal Association” is determined. The group action artist Philipp Ruch had aroused in the past by the provocative actions of attention, so also in the 22. November 2017. Ruchs group was at the time a “Holocaust memorial” in front of the house of the AfD-politician Björn Höcke, and said to the politicians to monitor. Höcke, Chairman of the AfD in the Thuringian state Parliament, had referred to the original memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin at the time as a “monument of shame”.

At a meeting of the extreme right-wing magazine “Compact”, he said on 25. November,, the artist group is “no group of artists, but a criminal Association”, rather, even “a terrorist group.” Only a short time later the investigation due to clause 129 of the criminal code, “formation of a criminal Association were initiated as a response to a request to the Thuringian government is visible,”,.

“center for political beauty” criticized the Prosecutor’s office

The “center for political beauty” protested on Wednesday sharply against the investigation. “The state grabs one of the sharpest legal weapons – the criminals against the most Severe against the ‘centre’ and the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of art”, – was stated on the Homepage. “We are supposed to be lit, and stigmatized to be criminalized.” In fact, the clause allows the handle 129 measures such as grid search or eavesdropping. He is therefore referred to colloquially as the “spy clause”.

The activists also expressed the suspicion, Höcke, and the AfD would have to be done with the investigation as a Favor. On its Website, the group of artists raised, among other things, the question: “Is the public Prosecutor’s office Gera the bosom of the AfD puppy?” The Left was on the side of the “center” and accused the prosecution of interference “in the basic law, which is guaranteed in art and freedom of expression”. “The investigation is legitimate only to the Nazis and Höcke,” said Niema Movassat, Chairman of the Left group in the legal Committee of the Bundestag, the news Agency AFP. Movassat called for the investigations. Representatives of the AfD were, however, clear that they welcome the investigations against Ruchs, a group of artists and to be entitled to hold:

rolling brought the story to Ruchs “criminal Association had been” from the left of the Thuringian Landtag deputies Steffen Dittes. Dittes was two weeks ago, a question, how many investigations under section 129 to give it to. In that answer the government’s letter to Dittes, from the now visible that already for 16 months against Ruchs group is determined, found, among other things, also ISIS members or supporters of the Al-Nusra Front. Also, the talk was of the “not yet completed” investigations against a group of action artists. The “center for political beauty” learned of the investigation and asked the Prosecutor’s office in Gera, whether it was in the “group of action artists” to the “center”. The Prosecutor’s office confirmed that against the artists ‘ collective will be determined. For the classification of the term: “criminal Association” was also classified the terrorist Red army faction (RAF) in the 1970s.

state attorney Zschächner: investigation duration only due to the influence

For Martin Zschächner, the heads of competent public Prosecutor, the investigation in Gera, a normal process in a state of law. “The goal of the procedure is to determine whether the ‘center for political beauty’ against the Deputy Höcke and his family bugging and spying measures have taken place or should take place,” said Zschächner on the star request. The art of freedom from the ceiling, no crime. The duration of the procedure was only partially influenced, and were Zschächner to the question to the answer why, the investigation would have been running for 16 months without a charge or a procedure setting.

The “center for political beauty” did not know until Wednesday afternoon, no-one from the exact background to the investigation. Of the Details of the indictment, the artist had to learn, according to Stefan Pelzer from the “center” alone, by media representatives, who had spoken with Zschächner and then, the action artist a Statement asked. “Our lawyers there is no info,” said Pelzer about Zschächner the star. However, representatives of the media, which had asked the Prosecutor for information, have this get. The inspection of the files had been scattered with the activists by Zschächner. “This is a completely absurd approach in a right state,” says Pelzer. Zschächner, is in charge of the public Prosecutor’s office in Gera, especially in investigations of politically motivated crime, is blind in the right eye.

Left-politician: Zschächners zeal is noticeable

Catherine king-Preuss, sitting as a Deputy for the Left party in the Thuringian state Parliament, also believes in a political Motivation behind the investigation. On her Twitter Account, she said on Wednesday through a series of examples, why you think Zschächner as a Prosecutor is politically motivated. The cases in which the sentence shall in the case of persons from the left of the spectrum more often exhausted than those from the right, there will be frequent according to the king-Preuss. “As a Prosecutor is a lot of effort in, proceedings against the extreme Right and neo-Nazis to cease and determine at the same time meticulously against the Left,” said king-Preuss the star. “The zeal of Zschächner to determine particularly towards the Left, is particularly striking,” says the Left-politician.

“center for political beauty”

the artist in education speak in Congress, but the Ministry of the interior prohibits appearance

Zschächner self-referred to the star’s request only to the fact that any investigation of the facts of the case serve education well in relieving ways. On the allegations that he was blind in the right eye, he did not elaborate further. It was, according to Zschächner, who is also press Secretary of the Prosecutor’s office in Gera, it is not the task of an official press office, opinions of a political mandate to comment on the carrier.