is expected Seven weeks after the murder of President of the government, Walter Lübcke on Saturday (12: 00) in Kassel, Germany, a lift of the extreme Right.

The small party of “rights” want to protest against a perceived exploitation of the fact that the rights in the proximity of violence and Terror moved. The police are expecting up to 500 participants.

An Alliance against the Right, has logged numerous events, the organizers are expecting several thousand protesters. The main rally (11: 00) should initially take place on the same course as that of the extreme Right. According to the requirements of the city of the onslaught of the Right, must now take place outside of the city centre. The police is preparing for a large-scale operation.

The CDU politician Lübcke was on 2. June in his house in the district of Kassel had been shot. The attorney General is a right-wing Background. The 45-year-old Stephan E. had confessed to the crime, and then his confession is revoked.

Also in Halle in Saxony-Anhalt several demonstrations and actions against far-right extremism are scheduled for Saturday (from 10.00 am). The occasion of a scheduled lift of the Identitarian movement, which has been determined from the protection of the Constitution recently as a right-extremist monitoring object.

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