for Months, the public Prosecutor’s office Gera calculated on suspicion of “forming a criminal Association” against the activists of the “center for political beauty”. Only this week the investigation has been terminated. Now an open letter has been published on the Thuringian Minister of justice, Dieter Lauinger (greens). Under the title of “No criminalization of critical art” in it consequences of the Causa to the investigation of the controversial group of artists.

the initiator of the letter is the artistic Director of Berlin’s “Maxim Gorki theater” Shermine Langhoff. More than 100 celebrities have joined her, and the letter signed. Satirist Jan böhmermann can be found below as well as the singer Herbert Grönemeyer. Among the other supporters of the musician Bela B. and Olli Schulz, the “crime scene”-Commissioner Fahri Yardim, the author of Sophie Paßmann, the Band “Feine Sahne fischfilet” or the comedian Oliver Polak. At the same time, a Petition from long-Hoff went on Thursday online.

“Posse” to “center for political beauty” had to

be examined in The investigation on suspicion of “forming a criminal Association” to be “an intolerable and impermissible process of the criminalisation of art,” – said in the letter. Such an intervention in the freedom of art set against the Backdrop of negligent investigation in Thuringia to the NSU-terror cell a fatal character to the civil society. Lauingers blame on the centre for political beauty were speechless.

“center for political beauty”

To the “Holocaust memorial” in front of Höcke-house: the Prosecutor’s office is investigating a group of artists

The green Thuringian Minister of justice had said last week that the investigations by the public Prosecutor’s office Gera were based only to the fact that the artists themselves have accused of committing crimes.

In November 2017, the collective built a replica of the Berlin Holocaust memorial in front of the house of the chief of the Thuringian AfD Björn Höcke up and announced to the politicians “monitor”. Höcke called the group three days later in a speech a “terrorist group”. Just a few days after Höckes speech, the public Prosecutor’s office Gera began her investigation of the “center for political beauty”. However, it was later known that the “guarantee private Bank accounts” was Satire. In court the activists, in the meantime, all proceedings in respect of the Höcke action won. In Gera, it is further determined, however, until last week. On Monday, the Thuringian Ministry of justice announced that the investigation would be set.

The artists to Langhoff, the Causa is upset. Lauinger is requested in Writing to the Action. It required only an apology and a clarification, the managers were accountable to, as well as their connection to the policy to be disclosed. “This embarrassing policy-Posse must immediately be fully investigated,” writes the Initiative to Langhoff.

the Left-politicians, Movassat before filed a complaint against a Prosecutor

as Against the competent state attorney Martin Zschächner according to the “time “multiple service supervision complaints. Another came this week. The Left-hand member of the German Bundestag Niema Movassat filed on Wednesday at the Prosecutor General’s office of Thuringia and filed a criminal report against Zschächner because of the diffraction. Movassat called the process “objectively unreasonable and arbitrary”.

Zschächners political setting was in the past few days, several times the subject of the reporting. As the “time” writes, had Zschächner of the AfD in April of 2018, a donation of 30 Euro. According to the “FAZ” is Zschächners rights setting under former fellow-students and companions known. On Twitter, the lawyer Kim Manuel Küstner, who had studied with Zschächner said on Monday that his former fellow students. “We just called him the ‘Jura-Nazi’,” writes Küstner. That someone to the state is admitted to the service, surprised him.

The “süddeutsche Zeitung” is a procedure setting of Zschächner from September 2017. The testimony of a former employee of the AfD in the Bundestag Stephan Brandner, “Afros” are not “like us”, but “primitive man” who “had been forced in the civilization”, was covered by the freedom of expression. The prosecution on suspicion of sedition against the employee were dropped. The setting is only one of several examples of Zschächners supposedly not objective to Determine the courses currently in several media.

criticism from experts

Of criminal defenders, it hails criticism of the investigation by the public Prosecutor. A similar case had it not been in Germany yet, so the Tenor. This is not emphasized only Jürgen Möthrath, President of the German criminal defense lawyers Association in the “period”, but also the lawyer Peter Raue, compared with the “Germany radio” or the criminal law expert Hartmut Wächtler, who called the procedure in the “süddeutsche Zeitung” “bit of madness”. Zschächner not want to speak on multiple star-enquiry of the allegations.

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