Has used the Catholic Church with the three-day crisis summit the last Chance to regain its credibility? In the case of “Anne Will” to the question in the foreground, as the Church determined to fight against abuse. Already in the first minutes of airtime clear was: determined enough. Bishop Stephan Ackermann, said that the Pope would, in his opinion, with “strong words” that abuse must have no place in Church! and this will now be worn also in the last corner of the world, however, concrete approaches were missing the other guests. That abuse of children and adolescents is a crime, the criminal law is relevant to and outside of the Church sanctioned, this should actually be all of the dignitaries are already clear.

“accumulation of the obvious”

Heribert Prantl was whether or not the “collection of self-evident”, the Pope enumerated in his speech, angrily. The “Cover up, Hide, not to confess is everywhere you have been at home.” And that the change was not a satisfactory outcome of this conference, but almost the minimum level of decency. Prantl reported from his time at the Prosecutor’s office, as the proceedings against the priest were set, because they were mixed. And at another part of the children and young people miss could need. A monstrosity that exists today in Parts of the Catholic Church.

To a guest at the “Anne” were:

Agnes Wich , social worker and victims of sexual violence by a Catholic priest

Matthias Katsch , spokesman for the concerned organization of the “Square table” and a victim of sexual abuse at the Berlin Canisius-Kolleg

Heribert Prantl , A Journalist and a member of the chief editorial office of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”

Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig , abuse, officer of the Federal government,

Bishop Stephan Ackermann , representative of the German bishops ‘ conference for questions of sexual abuse in the Church area, and for issues of child and youth protection

When it comes to abuse by priests in the Catholic Church, the dark figure is enormously high. Many victims remain silent, out of shame, out of fear that you will not be believed. In the case of “Anne Will” were two Damaged to a guest, have experienced as children sexual violence. That should not define these people, and yet both were presented primarily with this focus. Unpleasant to see especially how, then Wich especially the suffering story of Agnes in the foreground of attention. It is, of course, important to give the Victims a hearing, to let them tell their story. However, this does not took place in both cases, the presenter, both the Weighting as well as Matthias Katsch commented on the incidents. This voyeurism was in the depth for which talk is not necessary, for the spectators, the Information would have been sufficient that both of the sexual violence experienced within the Catholic Church, certainly. Wich and Katsch have only spoken in their forties about the experience of violence in Childhood, what led to the question of whether German law should not waive the Statute of limitations.

Specific instructions for action by the Catholic Church

lack said During Wich she was satisfied with the words of Pope Francis, and hope that now really is something in the work-up and prevention would change was the Katschberg more pessimistic. Even if Francis was the First to take the issue to the public, without concrete measures and action statements will also be in the time to no prevents abuse, victims continue to be left alone with the perpetrator organization. The victims ‘ representatives were not even invited to the summit on the crisis. Bishop Stephan Ackermann campaigned to understand that the clocks would run in the Catholic Church, just a little slower. A monstrosity, because, Katsch, “the long Breathing means that there are more victims.” Also Heribert Prantl echauffierte that the Church like no other Institution wants to be a moral instance, and even so full of contradictions. “The Foundation of the Church is shaking, but you’re going to be out on the facade,” moved, Prantl, and demanded that the Church is working with the States and ceases to protect the perpetrators.

Other Issues:Lack of reforms in the Church: Is celibacy? Will open the Church for women in the ordination offices (Bishop Ackermann castle)Lack of processing and with Victims, particularly those in which the acts are time-barred, and the blatant injustice to acknowledge the archives and files open to get a glimpse of how many deeds have been done is covering up The “obstruction of justice” (Prantl), by the priests, for their deeds were not punished, must stop, the Church must work closely with the state authorities, cooperation, compensation payments for Injured parties in a reasonable amount