As Donald Trump had just been newly elected to the White house, he promised “to surround yourself with only the best, most serious people”. This project is a success and also the staff of the carousel (50 Disposals alone Topleuten) rotates even after almost three years in office, merrily on high tours. Currently at the centre of calls for his resignation: to the Minister of labour Alexander Acosta. What falls to him now on the feet, is a controversial Deal, he has admitted as state’s attorney in front of more than ten years, the businessman Jeffrey Epstein.

Deal, so that Epstein goes to jail

Epstein was accused of serious allegations of abuse, but a process remained in Federal court saves – Acosta had agreed, as a former Prosecutor in Florida, the comparison. His office had intervened, so that Epstein will not be punished inadequately, said Acosta to his defense now. Otherwise, it would be Epstein gone without the prison sentence, he argued. “We believe that we are properly followed. We have done what we have done, because we wanted Epstein to go to prison,” said Acosta.