As a twelve-year-old under truck-Andi “jaunts took the car” with the load – now the serial offender is 33 years of age, and of a preventive detention escaped.

The Aachen regional court convicted the 33-Year-old to four years and three months in prison. 20 offences according to the judges, as was shown, among other things, serious arson, assault, and counterfeiting.

he was Convicted of dangerous interference in road traffic. With high speed he was in Solingen in a residential road. Although a car coming from the other side, he had been, as usual, violent, and aggressive, and only on his own Affairs, and the intent, said the Prosecutor in her plea. Although the driver of the other car swerved to the curb, it came to a collision. Two parked cars were demolished.

standing in the room preventive detention, the judge imposed. It would be premature to speak of a penchant for dangerous offences, said the judge Jürgen Beneking. “Whether it will happen depends on you. At the Moment the Stand from our point of view is not there,” he said.

Previously, had already seen a reviewer not a morbid penchant for serious or dangerous offenses. “We are of the opinion that to have evidence for a certain amount of Degreening seen. But at the end of youth,” said Beneking.

72 offences were accused in the Aachen method, 52, was the 33-Year-old acquitted – including the serious allegations of forced prostitution and pimping. Important witnesses were not credible, said Beneking: “when In doubt, for the accused”.

the state attorney Tanja Gülicher-Schmitt, the defendant’s deeds, however, were only the tip of the iceberg. She had demanded for 26 offences more than five years in prison. From your point of view of the defendant’s life should have no driving licence because he was intoxicated, and reckless on the streets with the attitude: “I ride my 1000 miles in the year and can also break traffic rules,” said the Prosecutor.

Already as a teenager, the 33-Year-old had a car with a stolen load splash tours taken, and at the age of 14 years, a police officer killed when he broke through with a stolen tractor-trailer in the Netherlands, a road block. The regional court of Düsseldorf in 2001, had sentenced him to four years ‘ youth penalty.