Continuous conflicts, the Prestige of the Grand coalition in her first year of suffering – but it gets quite good grades. “The glass is half full,” says Klaus Müller, head of the consumer Federation. The coalition have brought a number of substantial laws on the way, says the Confederation of German Chef Rainer Hoffmann. Therefore, they should be “encouraged in their projects, forge ahead with determination”. Self runner to be.

What are the CDU and the SPD?

are Divided Black and Red, for example, in the case of arms exports . Of the future of the Soli climate protection up to the dimensions of the planned basic pension : in many other areas, the partners are trying to distinguish themselves. This is no wonder, with several elections in 2019, the Europa and Bremen election in may to the decisions in Saxony, Brandenburg and Thuringia in the autumn. That the Union and the SPD agreed to the unpopular Alliance in a Evaluation on a kind of bench, then do not make things easier – you above all, however, his own success.

What are the partners? What’s in it for voters, if the government keeps up to 2021? In the coalition agreement, a series of promises – sometimes even with specific dates:


Actually, a Commission of up to a year should be the beginning of a strategy for “the future of affordable and sustainable mobility” work are fixed. Now it is planned until the end of March at least an interim report.In may, the SPD Minister for labour, Hubertus Heil, will present his bill for the basic pension , from the many years of low-wage earners with at least 35 contribution years to benefit. Sticking point: be Truly anchored in the coalition agreement means test?1. July the rise in the kids money in a first step, around 10 euros per month and child.To 1. August should be decided on a minimum legal training compensation , the to 1. January, 2020. First plans of the CDU-Minister of education, Anja Karliczek, there are still armed.Until the summer of as a model for a more advanced labelling to the content of sugar, salt and fat in ready-made products . The color logo Nutri-Score, as in France, for the SPD drums?Until the end of the year a Commission proposals for a Reform of the fees and charges to submit to regulations for Doctors .Until the middle of the year, a Commission of “Equivalent living conditions in town and country” proposals.At the latest by the end of the year, a Commission is to submit a proposal for the inclusion of children’s rights into the basic law .Also until the end of the year, a law should be adopted, “the compliance with the climate protection goals for 2030 “. A draft of the environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD), the enshrined objectives in such areas as transport, buildings and energy, but is highly controversial.


Until March 2020 to submit to the government Commission for the future of retirement a report. It comes to the long-term protection in periods in which the baby boomers increasingly retire. the train noise , mainly due to freight trains, to be halved in comparison to the year 2000.To improve the day-care centre a billion Euro is to be provided Offered.At least 100,000 additional charging points for electric vehicles should be available.


1. January the rise in the kids money a further 15 euros.The Soli-Supplement is to be eliminated for 90 percent of the payers – a relief of tens of billions of euros. Or is it for all? In the Union, there are Calls after that, the SPD Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, blocks but.The “electronic patient file” is to be introduced – after a long tug of war with additional functions for the health card.For better day-care centres there should be a further two billion euros.What has brought the Grand coalition to the citizens so far?

The coalition agreement promises “a new dynamic for Germany”. Right? In fact, the Grand coalition has made within a year, a number of decisions, which affect many citizens, tenants, workers or contributors. An Overview:

First pattern action in Germany

consumers are the Central draw for tens of thousands of drivers of diesel against the VW in court


consumer : in November, can draw an Association representing thousands of consumers, for example, against companies in court. The first sample submitted for a declaratory judgment, more than 400,000 ally just a diesel in the exhaust gas scandal against Volkswagen. The consumer lawsuit aims to make it easier for you to get compensation for damages, the risk of the plaintiff Association is responsible for.

hirer : Since the beginning of the year, you can defend easier against exorbitant rents, at least in areas with a difficult housing market. The coalition government has tightened the rental price brake. Landlords must now disclose what has been paid by the previous tenant, so you can see easier, if your rent is too high. Harassment, and “out of the modernist prevent sera”, there are fines for landlords and compensation for tenants. The first Federal state of Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) want to abolish Rent control, however, again, because they did not work as planned.

workers : Since January there is a new right to temporary part-time: The agreed working hours can be for one to five years decreased. Then the employer must allow it to return to full-time. The temporary part-time, followed by a bridge full-time applies in companies with at least 45 employees, if the employee is at least half a year in operation. Employers with 46 200 employees only need to give one of the 15 workers claim to be on the Bridge part-time. Further legal improvements related to the qualification: Employees should be through better promotion of the courses by the employment Agency for the digital change ready.


proposals for reform

Hartz 4.1 or a real Relaunch of the welfare state? The SPD-concept Check

By Daniel Wüstenberg

workingslose : the unemployed can more easily relate to unemployment benefit I, you must have paid within 30 months at least 12 months of contributions in the prior 12 months within 24 months. And for the long-term unemployed, it gives life to since the beginning of the year new supported Jobs for re-entry into the profession. Five years employers receive money from the state: In the first two, wage costs are covered in full, then the grant is reduced each year by ten percentage points. Condition is that the long-term unemployed older than 25 years and within seven years for at least six years of Hartz IV. According to the Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) is to run this program for a social labour market.

contributors : The 56 million members of the statutory health insurance companies have been relieved to the beginning of the year in the billions – the employer must pay half of the total contribution. With Finance now the additional contributions to the same Share, which were to be paid by the members alone for a long time. The year of care contribution also increased by 0.5 points and the unemployment contribution has been reduced by 0.5 points.

families : more and More educators, long day-care centre opening Hours or lower contributions the countries in the next few years, a lot of money. By 2022, the Federal government gives € 5.5 billion for good daycare centers. How countries use the money, decide for yourself: Some of them want to abolish the nursery fees so, other prefer to invest in better care. Not only in terms of childcare, even when you Build the Grand coalition has meant to families: Who builds a house or an apartment buys, you can get per child is € 12,000 from the state, paid over ten years. To at the same time help families and the housing market, relax. If you want to profit, you must hurry, however, Until the end of January, there were 64 000 applications – 1.3 billion until the end of 2020, the planned 2.7 billion Euro are planned.

pensioners : The coalition increased the mothers ‘ pension. Parental leave for children born before 1992 will be more credited. The concerned pensions are increased for each child to 16,02 Euro gross in the West, and to 15.35 Euro in the East. In addition, the pension level – the level of protection the statutory pension is kept up to 2025 constant: The ratio of pensions to wages was written, by law, at least 48 percent. The pension contribution rate is not to exceed additionally, the 20-percent mark. Today, he is 18.6 percent. More money to get people that are retired due to illness to acquire reduction.

Basil Wegener and Sascha Meyer / fs / DPA