The SPD presidency is not for the vulnerable minds: To the front of the argue and to the rear against the attacks of the Enjoyed secure, while the party may be a leg.

Andrea Nahles has known, as she was elected a year ago, in Wiesbaden, Germany, with a strong shock, and only 66.3 percent approval in the tip. She wanted to strengthen the cohesion in the party, she said at the conclusion of the special party tags. “That is still capable of expansion”, said Nahles. “And I’m going to work, I’ll be pounding a beat.”

So it came. Nahles (48) has shown staying qualities, and On the criticism to endure. With barely 14 percent approval in the polls, she had to experience in December of last year, an all-time low in the polls. Now she has ripped, however, the rudder around and works with the party currently polls at up to 18 percent – at least back to the however, the poor result of the last Federal election.

“work” is seems to be your Motto in the Grand coalition to be their continuation and success, in the meantime, its own political fate is linked. A stage for the “work” of social reforms, the group of the wall of the SPD in the Bundestag. There you praises in front of the colors of the party and the cameras, the benefits of the legislation that is driving the SPD.

at times Nahles rail arg for the count. In February she had to have doubts of the SPD-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder of their Suitability for candidacy, you had filed the claim at all. Schröder threw Nahles in the “mirror” to make “Amateur mistakes” and to let economic competence miss. In his criticism of the condition of the SPD, he also brought “slovenliness in dress style” to the game, on the SPD-voters to be particularly sensitive responded.

Schroeder pledged to carry out in view of the serious crisis stronger on the former foreign Minister and party leader Sigmar Gabriel, of the now, but also according to their own taunts against Nahles – more on the edge. After the European elections end of may, the staff could flare up debate again, perhaps only after the state Parliament elections in Saxony and Brandenburg (in September) and Thuringia (October). Also, in September, half of the legislature is: the SPD will then decide in the autumn about the whereabouts of the Grand coalition.

Nahles is committed to the continuation of the government of the Union. She said, at last, even from a “very good balance” – “and so it could go in my opinion even more,” said the SPD Leader. She called improvements for day-care centres, and pensioners. And a whole series of projects are yet to come. The current SPD leadership wants to correct with the help of a “welfare state reform, by 2025,” the Agenda of the Schröder. The party wants to overcome the Hartz-IV-Reform and the unemployed pay more money. For the party, this course correction balm.

“a year Ago, the SPD was a deeply insecure party. Now we have a different state of mind at the base,” said Nahles, recently the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “The question of what we stand for, actually, is charged with a new self-consciousness.”