life insurance is a bit cheaper, and the discount for the car Fare on top of it? 65 percent discount on hotel rooms? Relocation assistance and precious wines to the supermarket price? Who wants to take it all in, you must do in the USA: A membership application at the US gun lobby Organisation of the NRA (National Rifle Association). With the Slogan “It pays to be a member”, fishing the mighty weapons organization successful, according to supporters – and provides you generously satisfied.

A year after the world’s highly-publicized school massacre of Parkland (Florida) – has not changed the Basic situation in the USA much. The political camps are divided on the weapons issue, to deliver a stalemate. Means: extensive inaction. 13. In February, the media briefly prior to the anniversary of the shooting of Parkland on may 14. February, to decide, in the house of representatives over a bill that provides for stricter Checks of weapons purchasers requires. “We are going to eliminate the epidemic of gun violence in this country,” says Jerry Nadler, the Deputy, brought the law. He sounds very like a politician. It is unlikely that it creates the law through the Republican-dominated Senate.

Parkland, Florida

“are My target, at least 20 people” – gunman announces massacre in Video

AFP assault rifles on the Church bench

The protests of students, such as the Parkland internationally well-known 19-Year-old Emma Gonzalez, and their Never-Again movement, have become audible, but they fade at the end of the überlauten and daily news cycles dominated the media clamor of the United States. “The President of the United States talks about gun violence only when he can use it to make the Public afraid of Mexicans,” wrote Emma Gonzalez recently on Twitter.

The NRA pulls out, meanwhile, continue to your circles. And she finds and binds supporters. A short time after the shooting of Parkland, as a 19-year-old Ex-student, 17 people killed, and then to the Burger-eating went, was celebrated in Pennsylvania, even a Church service in which the faithful held their assault rifles on the Church Bank, in Hand and crowns of gun ammunition carried. The arguments are sound for European ears outrageous – you have a lot to do with the right to self defense, and biblical principles: an eye for an eye.

The NRA is enshrined in the U.S.

On arms fairs every weekend, thousands of guns change their owners. On the “Gun Shows” are up to today, not even the already lax Background Checks required – a loophole that keeps the NRA to forces open. The Federal States could regulate if they wanted to because just. “You live in D.C.,” says a seller at the National Gun Show in front of the gates of the U.S. capital Washington to a prospective buyer. “There You are allowed to have a Shit – I of Virginia.” Who presents a driver’s license from Virginia, gets by him, any firearm, according to your wishes – without any Review.

the “Active Shooter”

This game outraged Parkland parents – because player is the gunman on school

go to The NRA members in the millions – the exact Figures are not publicly available. Anyway, the NRA only speaks when she wants to. The request of the German press Agency remained unanswered. In the American people is rooted deep. And this is one of the most significant reasons that almost all Attempts, firearms and their use in the United States subject to stricter rules, in regularity to fail.

The US gun lobby politicians assessed according to attitude,

politicians, which would, in principle, be able to, the legislative process in the sense of reason, to initiate, to have a downright fear of the NRA. The weapons-organization – or better, their political Arm, the Political Victory Fund – politician draws measured in terms of their years of observed voting behavior to issues of Weapons of a Rating.

Anti-weapons protests

The moving Silence of the Emma Gonzalez


The “Washington Post” had counted that 52 of the 100 senators in the U.S. Senate have a Rating of A – or better for the purposes of the NRA. A bad NRA Rating means in case of doubt, the loss of hundreds of thousands of votes. The tendency is relatively clear. An a+Rating and have almost exclusively Republicans, a F-Rating – the lowest possible mark for the purposes of the NRA to get only Democrats.

The permanent campaign across the United States gives the gun lobby a Power that you could only get through membership of firearms manufacturers never.

The Federal government considers prohibitions for non-necessary

The weapons companies play in the economy. 140,000 people work in the United States directly to the manufacturing of weapons that are not intended for use in war, with an economic output of $ 20 billion per year. That’s a lot, but in Relation to other industries, not so much. For comparison: The weapons of war-industry accounts for 1.7 million jobs, $ 300 billion to the gross national product, the auto industry is about 700 billion. Industries such as pharmaceutical, media, or mining are many times greater than that of the manufacturer of guns and counterfeit assault rifles.

After the massacre in Parkland

Like US-and the NRA is the suspension of a student abuse

Nevertheless, unfold it makes a huge lobby, which creates it, and in part grotesque rules to enforce or to receive. That gun buyers be checked to measure less sharp than in the Store is such a point. Whole legions of semi-strong and small-time criminals pilgrims every weekend – promoted by the NRA to measure Weapons anywhere in the country. The U.S. government sees no reason, prohibitions of firearms legally enforce. Instead, Federal authorities should work to strengthen the fight against illegal arms dealers. This strategy recognised it as a success. In November 2018, justice Minister Matthew Whitaker explained that as a result, the crime rate in the 29 largest cities of 7.6 percent decreased. Parkland is not part of the 29 largest cities.

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