In China has been killed a woman on Monday morning in front of a shopping centre by a falling window. The window fell in the first investigation, according to the 16. Floor of a hotel in the Shopping district of Tsim Sha Tsui. The woman was brought with severe head injuries in a hospital, where she died later. Her male companion was only slightly injured.

reported by the Internet newspaper “Hong Kong’s Free Press”, the 25-Year-old as a tourist in the city. After the accident, the police should have taken a female cleaning power. She is suspected to have a 1.44 Meter long and 30 centimeters wide window opened to clean it. Why the window fell into the depth, therefore, is still unclear.

The hotel operator to have expressed to the relatives of the victim expressed his condolences. In a Statement he is said to have also promised to assist the police in the investigation of the incident.

A similar case made last year, also in Germany for a nationwide horror. In Berlin was taken in October, an eight-year-old out of a tree stump that fell out of a high-rise building. Later, a ten-year acknowledged, the subject-matter of the 15. To have the stick thrown.


tree stump flies out of high rise and kills eight-year-old Play

By Daniel Wüstenberg

again and again we hear shots from such a grisly fate. Last week, a nine-year-old in Aying (district of Munich) was killed by a tree that crashed under a snow load.

Boy of steel statue

killed In April 2018, a woman was beaten to death in the middle Franconia of a Maypole, as when setting Up the tip broke off. A three-year-old Boy was injured by falling Branches.

The year before, was slain during a severe storm in southern Germany as a Teenager, as a tree on to his tent and crashed.

in 2011, crashed in the centre of Cologne, a steel statue and buried a four-year-old boy. He was killed instantly. In the same year, five visitors of the Pukkelpop-festival Hasselt in Belgium, died when in heavy seas two stages collapsed.

2010 was killed a twelve-year-old in the münsterland Nottuln by a falling soccer goal.

in 2006, caved in the roof of an ice skating rink in the Bavarian town of Bad Reichenhall. 15 people, including twelve children and young people died, 34 people were injured.

source: “the Hong Kong Free Press”