The most important messages in the Short Overview:

Thunberg does not want to meet with Trump (20.23 PM)Salvini calls for new elections (20.12 clock), German soldier: a unit in Turkey in conflict with the judiciary (19.43 hrs) Lynch mob hanged seven alleged kidnappers in Mexico (18 hours), and a British scholar on the Greek island of apparently deadly overthrown (15.20)

The news today in the star-Ticker

+++ 22.13 PM: Alain Delon is a stroke in a Swiss clinic ++++

The French Film legend Alain Delon has suffered a stroke and slight brain hemorrhage and is currently recovering in a Swiss hospital. His condition was, the Doctors say stable, informed the son of the actor, Anthony Delon, the AFP news Agency on Thursday. The 83-Year-old had been operated on, therefore, in a hospital in Paris, and had lain three weeks in intensive care. “The whole family has alternated in his bed, my brother, my sister and my mother Nathalie,” said Anthony Delon. In the meantime, his father returned to Switzerland, where he is recovering in a hospital. His sister, who live in Switzerland, consider the family of Delons daily progress, reported Anthony Delon more.

+++ 21.28 PM: Egypt’s security forces attack, kill Terrorist 15 extremists +++

After the terrorist attack with 20 dead in Cairo Egyptian security forces have killed according to their own figures 15 suspected militants. They came in clashes in Cairo and in the province of Al-Fajum killed, said Egypt’s interior Ministry on Thursday evening, the state television reported. The men had listened to the terror group Hasm, the power of the government for the terrorist attack in the Monday night to be responsible.

A Ghost driver had caused in Cairo in a car accident and severe explosions. In his vehicle he transported according to the government of explosives. Egypt’s President spoke of a “cowardly act of terrorism”. The government considers the Hasm-group as an armed offshoot of the Islamist Muslim brotherhood, which is banned in Egypt as a terrorist organisation is classified.

+++ 20.23 clock: Greta Thunberg does not want to waste time with Meeting with Trump to waste +++

climate activist Greta Thunberg want to apply for your US trip with a Meeting with President Donald Trump wasted. “If he is not ready to the science and to listen to experts, how should I convince him? How will anyone succeed someone from our movement?”, the young Swede said the public Swiss broadcaster RTS on Thursday in an Interview. “I would not waste my time with a Meeting with Donald Trump to waste,” says Thunberg to the question, what would you say Trump at a Meeting. Instead, you’ll try on your trip to persuade the population to make more pressure on the US President.

+++ 20.12 PM: Salvini calls for new elections +++

The Italian interior Minister and head of the right-wing Lega, Matteo Salvini, sees no future for the coalition government with the Five star movement. On Thursday he had asked the head of government, Giuseppe Conte: “we Go immediately to the Parliament, and to recognize that there is no longer a majority,” it said in a statement Salvini’s in the evening. “We give back to the word fast to the voters,” he said. It was “futile”, with arguments as in the last few weeks to continue.

the trigger for the crisis in the already fractious coalition was a vote of the Five-star movement against a rail project in favour of the Lega. Salvini had said that in the past few months had gone in the coalition’s “something broken”. In March, the government would stretch the Alliance to the dispute to the rail almost broke. But on Wednesday, the conflict has reached a new quality: In the case of a vote in the Senate, the Five star set against a planned high-speed rail link between Lyon and Turin, which supports the Lega. Salvini raises the stars again and again, no-to-be, fortune-tellers and to block the government, and had said a few days ago, who say no to the project, Tav, put the government in danger.

+++ 19.45 PM: railway lines in Hamburg, Berlin and Schwerin-Rostock locked +++

The railway lines from Hamburg to Berlin and Schwerin and Rostock have been blocked due to a emergency medical input in Hamburg-Bergedorf completely. Also, the entire S-Bahn-traffic in the area of mountain village was set. According to a spokesman for the Federal police was initially unclear when the routes can be shared again. Trains long-distance traffic were diverted. The Deutsche Bahn tweeted that they count against the 21.25 clock with a release. The S-Bahn tweeted that a replacement transport with Taxis was set up.

+++ 19.43 o’clock: a German soldier’s unit in Turkey, in conflict with the judiciary +++

A Bundeswehr soldier from the state of Hesse is in Turkey for reasons as yet unknown, with the justice in conflict. According to Reuters, it was information for him a weekly reporting requirement, but no formal exit barrier is arranged. He is so free. Notes on the political accusations against him yet. The Foreign office said only that the Consulate General is Concerned in the contact, but made having regard to the personality rights, no further information.

First, the “oberhessische press reports” about the case. Accordingly, it is a 21-year-old soldiers of the Rapid reaction force Division at the Bundeswehr site in Stadtallendorf, the private traveled to Istanbul. The man had no Turkish roots.

+++ 19.35 PM: the World’s largest pilgrimage, the Hajj begins in Mecca +++

For more than 2.5 million Muslims, the world’s largest pilgrimage, the Hajj, begins on Friday in Mecca. The five-day event in the Saudi Arabian city is one of the five pillars of Islam. Any pious Muslim who is healthy and can afford it, is stopped, at least once in a lifetime pilgrimage to participate. There, the faithful go forth to the Kaaba, a cube-like building in the centre of the Great mosque, and complete a series of sacred rites.

+++ 19.17 at: water damage in high school – Extra-a holiday for students +++

An unusually strong downpour has extended the summer vacation for many high school students in and around Bad Doberan (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). As the district administration announced on Thursday, must account for the Friderico-Francisceum-Gymnasium teaching in the first two weeks of the new school year. The severe weather on the 31. July with torrential rain have caused severe damage, the repairs are not up to the start of School next Monday could be completed.

Only for the students of the 12. Classes the classes would be held, it said. Still further alternative would be examined, it said. The severe weather at the end of July the rain was so strong that the city’s sewers no longer able to contain the water masses. Streets were flooded, many cellars were full. Several fire departments were in use.

+++ 19.02 PM: Russian foreign Ministry accuses the German wave interference in policy +++

The Russian foreign Ministry has called the reporting of the Deutsche Welle (DW) on the mass protests in Moscow as an attempted interference in the internal Affairs of Russia. The action of the transmitter is inadmissible, it said in a notification on Thursday. “The Russian side reserves the right, in the case of a repetition of the law, to react with the applicable national laws.” The Ministry had notified the business laureate of the German Embassy, Beate Grzeski, at a Meeting.

the Background is the temporary arrest of DW correspondent in case of non-permitted protests in Moscow on may 27. July. As a result, the transmitter had sent a protest note to the Russian foreign Ministry. The Ministry said in a reply, however, that the broadcaster had called for the protest participation and the employees “self-active participants of the illegal acts”. The channel rejected this vehemently.

+++ 18.37 at: Bundeswehr soldier is being held in Turkey +++

In Turkey, the army is being held for a soldier from so far unknown reasons. The German armed forces, the AFP news Agency confirmed. The man was been on the road, as if it had been set a few days ago in Istanbul, said a spokesman for the Bundeswehr. The soldier is not allowed to leave the country. Made the backgrounds of the speakers are not. He spoke only of an “incident”. A spokesman for the Division Rapid forces in the Hessian town of Stadtallendorf, where the soldier is stationed, confirmed to AFP that the man was detained in Turkey. About the case, had first reported the “oberhessische Presse”.

+++ 18.03 PM: Controversial Forum 8chan flashes also at Amazon +++

The controversial Internet Forum 8chan, the assassins of El Paso, his Manifesto has been published, is offline. Also, the cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) does not want to host the pages on its servers. “The content of 8chan is a hate speech and is in accordance with our terms of use unacceptable,” said an AWS spokesperson for the service “daily mirror Background of digitalization & KI” in Berlin.

After attack in El-Paso

behind “8chan”, the “hate-cesspool” for extremists

The former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos had suspected, 8chan but could be rented from the extreme right side of the Daily Stormer on your service provider Epik server space on Amazon. “Even though 8chan is not hosted on AWS, we work together with your direct vendor (Epic) to ensure that 8chan uses indirectly AWS resources via one of our customers,” said AWS spokesman for the service. Previously the Web had rejected-service provider, the pages on their servers to provide and to protect against so-called Denial-of-Service attacks.

+++ 18 p.m.: Lynch mob hanged seven alleged kidnappers in Mexico +++

A lot has been lynched in Mexico seven people they believed to be the hijackers of a farmer. At least 350 residents of the place, beating their victims and hanged them to trees, such as the government of the state of Puebla announced. Some of the bodies had then been burned. The area, about 150 kilometers Southeast of Mexico city now being more closely monitored, even with a helicopter, it said in a notification on Thursday.

The farmer was there, was on Wednesday kidnapped. The police managed to free him. Residents of the locality exercised, however, even justice to the two Suspects. In the following hours they lynched five other men – including two that had been to the local police station, placed.

+++ 17.53 PM: Good China data recovery in advance +++

The Dax has accelerated thanks to the good Chinese economic data its recent recovery. The German index closed 1.68% higher at 11.845,41 points. After the significant losses of the previous week in the Wake of the US-China trade dispute, the Dax has to catch up on some of the key findings. The MDax, which represents the share of medium-sized German companies, rose on Thursday to 1.86 per cent to 25.592,37 points. China’s foreign trade had recovered in July despite the escalation of the trade war with the United States surprisingly strong. Exports rose unexpectedly, and the decrease in imports was not as strong as feared.

+++ 17.50 PM: After naked pictures of Ex – husband to five years in prison +++

condemned, Because he has naked pictures of his Ex-girlfriend in public and the woman are otherwise bullied, has been sentenced to a 44-year-old man in Bavaria to five years and four months in prison. In the judgment of the district court of Aschaffenburg, the construction of a pipe-bomb was that the man wanted to harm his Ex-girlfriend.

The defense said, the kit wasn’t with the explosives of the critical component. The defendant had admitted the woman’s car handled. The prosecution had accused him in the indictment in addition to have a skull as a threat to his ex-girlfriend sent.

+++ 17: 28: court: police escape must be considered as illegal car race +++

Who is on the run from the police on the accelerator and risk forgetting, can be condemned as a racer in an illegal race. The decision of the higher regional court (OLG) of Stuttgart and thus a judgment of the district court of Münsingen confirmed. This was condemned last October, a man because of a prohibited motor vehicle race to a fine of 70 daily rates of 40 Euro; in addition, the man lost his driver’s license. Against this, the defendants appealed unsuccessfully for a so-called leap revision to the OLG.

The then-52-year-old motorist had taken in may 2018, the escape, when he should be controlled in Lichtenstein in the district of Reutlingen of a Patrol. “It will were alone to the faster Advancement of the interests of other traffic participants indifferent”, was the verdict of the Stuttgart-based Senate. The police had to cancel the chase finally.

+++ 16.32 at: media: Kyrgyz Ex-President Atambayev arrested +++

Kyrgyzstan under suspicion of corruption, steexisting Ex-President Almasbek Atambayev has been taken according to media reports, during the storming of his house. A large contingent of security forces have taken Atambayev, in the village of Koi-Tash, near the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, celebration, reported the media portals and On Wednesday in clashes between security forces and supporters Atambajews were shot in front of his house, according to official figures, an officer and 36 other people injured.

+++ 15.20 PM: a British scholar on a Greek island, apparently fatally plunged +++

fell on the Greek island of Ikaria missing, reported the British scientist after the first medical discoveries to be fatal. Initial autopsy results pointed to a fall of the 35-Year-old, who had been discovered on Wednesday found dead in a ravine, as the responsible legal practitioner said. “Everything seems to indicate that it was a fall from a great height,” said the doctor Nikos Karakoukis to journalists after a appointment at the body site. The astrophysicist was not returned on Monday after Jogging in to your Hotel.

crime not ruled out

Jogger since Monday on the Greek island disappeared – now your corpse is discovered

was found On the Greek island of Ikaria a dead body in a ravine. Now the police have confirmed It is the missing British Jogger

+++ 14.54 p.m.: village residents in Mexico, five men to kill in an act of self-justice +++

After a kidnap attempt, have been lynched in Mexico, five men of the village residents. The victims had been hanged in Tepexco in the state of Puebla in the Central square of the village, with authorities on Wednesday. Two of them had previously abducted a farmer. The police arrested the two, around 200 villagers brought in their violence, while the police officers had to watch helplessly. Out of fear of the angry mob, not the authorities, a handle representative. Two other men – including a minor – had become fatal, that you have hidden. You’ve made it in the eyes of the crowd also a Suspect. Something similar happened to a fifth man who want to inform themselves on the guard, only the alleged hijackers have. Representatives of the authorities had even tried to bring the frenzied villagers to their senses. But this would have denied the conversation, and their five prisoners killed.

+++ 14.02 PM: earthquake of magnitude 6 rocked southwestern Turkey +++

An earthquake of a magnitude of 6 has shaken the southwest of Turkey. According to the disaster management authority AFAD the centre in the district was Bozkurt in the Denizli province. Media reported that tremors had been felt in around 185 kilometers away in the seaside resort of Antalya. The channel CNN Türk reported that people were running in panic on the street. To major damage or possible Victims, there was initially no information.

+++ 14 p.m.: a bomb in a plastic bag – the Alleged assassin in Turkey stopped +++

Turkish security forces have detained in the South-East of the country, a suspected assassin and a bomb defused, and the woman was wearing in a plastic bag with him. The woman had been taken in the province of Sanliurfa in the center of the homonymous provincial capital, on the bustling Hasimiye-place, reported the state news Agency Anadolu. She tried to escape, when she noticed she was being followed. The identity of the woman there was initially no information.

+++ 13.55 PM: Poland’s President after flight expenses scandal has dragged the office down +++

The scandal of private travel with a Government aircraft, Polish Parliament President Marek Kuchcinski consequences. He will resign his office on Friday, said Kuchcinski in Warsaw. He did not, however, violate the law, said the politician to the right of the national government party law and justice (PiS) again.

The Opposition had asked Kuchcinski to the resignation. You accused him of in the past few years, dozens of times planes and helicopters of the government and the military for private use. So there had been a striking number of flights with the machine between the capital city of Warsaw and Kuchcinskis home town of Rzeszow. 23 Time, were also members of the family of the President of Parliament on Board.

+++ 13.46 PM: Numerous weapons in searches in Berlin and Brandenburg + found++

In the case of searches in Berlin and Brandenburg, the police have seized numerous weapons. The officers found several guns, two so-called stick sword, a bolt-action rifle, a stun grenade, larger amounts of ammunition, and a four-digit amount of money, such as the Berlin police announced. Two of the 26 and 38-year-old Accused were arrested, the Prosecutor’s office requested arrest warrants.

The Berlin state office of criminal investigation and the Prosecutor’s office to determine the total against four Accused on suspicion of violation of the weapons act and the war weapons control act. In connection with the proceedings on Wednesday ten of the addresses searched in the Wedding district of Berlin and Brandenburg have been Glienicke locations Large, Teltow to Schönefeld.

+++ 13.46 PM: Flixbus want to drive in Asia and South America +++

With fresh capital in the back is planning Flixbus step on other continents. The long distance buses of the company to date, especially in Europe and in the United States. Now for Flixbus new markets in South America and Asia are to be opened, as the operator Flixmobility announced. In addition, the range of railway services Flixtrain should be extended to other European countries. A round of financing had been introduced in the past few weeks, around half a billion Euro, as from business circles said. The capital of the investors will also invest in a new carpool with the name Flixcar.

+++ 13.37 PM: the heat in Greece, is expected to 40 degrees in the shade +++

In the holiday country Greece in the coming high temperatures, the lives of people. The National weather Bureau warned on Thursday against a heat wave with temperatures up to 40 degrees. This is due to begin on Friday and at least take a week. The citizens were called not too long Outdoors in the sun, to stop, to wear light-colored clothes made of cotton, to drink plenty of water and avoid the consumption of alcohol and sugary drinks. Elderly or sick people should stay home, advised Doctors on the radio. The highest temperatures are expected in the Western Parts of the country, as well as in Northern Greece, showed a Karte of civil protection.

+++ 13.20: media: Italy’s head of government, the President of the Republic +++

in the Midst of the threat of a government crisis in Italy, receives state President Sergio Mattarella, according to Italian media, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte reports. Conte had to leave its headquarters in Rome and on the way to the presidential Palace made, such as the news Agency Ansa reported, citing parliamentary circles. In Italy, the signs are just on the crisis, after the populist Alliance of right-wing Northern League and Five star movement were divided on Wednesday during a vote in the Senate. What should go in the conversation with the head of state, was initially unclear. It is speculated that Conte wants to restructure the Cabinet in order to prevent the break-up of his government.

+++ 13.16 PM: rate for children with poor English should be the language in Hesse duty +++

Special courses for prospective elementary school children with a poor knowledge of German in Hessen mandatory. Minister of culture Alexander Lorz (CDU), announced in Wiesbaden, Germany, to want to Reform the education act of 2020 on the way. Then, the Changes to 2021 could enter into force. So far, the visit of the so-called forward classes is voluntary. Beginning a year before school and are open to all children who speak good enough English.

questions and answers

language skills in the school

What is at stake in the debate over English skills of primary school children?


In 90 percent of cases won accepted the offer. The remaining ten percent should be fetched with the obligation to go to the boat, such as Lorz said. Of Hessen, in the case of the forward rates, a pioneer and make this a good experience. A child to school does not speak sufficiently good English, it can be from the school visit and must first attend a language course. The black-green state government had agreed in its coalition agreement to give the flow rates “binding”.

The CDU politician Carsten Linnemann had triggered this week with his statements to German language skills of elementary students to a wide discussion.

+++ 13.09 PM: Maas: abuse of Willy Brandt “simply disgusting” +++

Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has criticized the AfD is sharp, because it is using the former social democratic Chancellor Willy Brandt (1913-1992) for their election advertising. “Willy Brandt would have been for right-wing only one left had a most profound contempt,” wrote Maas on Twitter. A poster of the party for the state Parliament election in Brandenburg on 1. September, with the likeness of the former Chancellor makes for indignation. They used his picture and his slogan “dare More democracy”.

+++ 12.34 PM: Explosion at Russian missile-test site – two Dead +++

In an Explosion at a military site in the North of Russia are at least two people were killed. Six more were injured in the incident, informed the Ministry of defence of the Agency Interfax according to. In other Reports, the speech was of at least 15 injured. In the vicinity of the port city of Severodvinsk, close to Arkhangelsk, a site is located, where the missiles for nuclear submarines are tested. According to the authorities, no radio is active radiation. Came to the accident, the Ministry of defence, according to the Test of a rocket engine.

+++ 11.55 PM: Severe weather in Genoa +++

A heavy storm, the North has sought the Italian port city of Genoa home. It uprooted trees, flooded underpasses, and there were power outages in Parts of the city, such as the news Agency Ansa reported after the one-hour night-time Thunderstorm. The fire Department had to rescue a father, two young girls and a small child from a car that was stuck in the torrents of Rain. A parked car crashed into a auftuendes hole in the ground. A number of people were stuck due to power failure in the Elevator. Also a U-Bahn Station was under water.

+++ 11.23 PM: Former Bundestag member Charles M. Huber resigns from CDU +++

The actor and former Bundestag member Charles M. Huber resigns from the CDU. The reason for this is the Africa representative of the German government, Guenter Nooke (CDU), the Statements of the Supervisory Board, the heads of Schalke 04, Clemens Tönnies, have relativized the construction of power plants in Africa. In order Nooke have supported the statements of Tönnies “specifically,” said Huber, whose father is from Senegal, on Facebook.

Tönnies had recommended last week for the construction of power plants in Africa, so that “the Africans have to stop to fell trees” and to produce “children”. Nooke called for with a view on the “issues raised, such as the Disappearance of the rainforest and population growth on the African continent” must be spoken “and possibly controversial to be discussed”. He criticized at the same time, Tönnies’ choice of words.

+++ 10.22 PM: man, cops attacked in London with Machete +++

With a Machete stabbed a man in London a number of times a police officer and seriously injured him. Scotland Yard spoke of a “sudden and brutal attack”. The condition of the police officers was “critical, but stable”. He had suffered, among other injuries to the head and the Hand. You can’t go from a terror attack, informed Scotland Yard more.

The victim and his colleague had tried around midnight, a van to stop. The riders raced in the first instance, but was pursued by the police vehicle. As the man from the van got out, struck it with a Machete. The injured police officer was able to fight back until his colleague took the perpetrator. This should be between 50 and 60 years old. Attacks with knives have increased in the UK.

+++ 10.17 PM: Explosion in front of the town hall in the South of Sweden +++

A day after an Explosion in the nearby Danish capital Copenhagen, in the South of Sweden, in front of a city hall to a further Detonation. How the Swedish police announced on Thursday, was injured in the incident in the town of Landskrona on Wednesday night, no one. Images showed that several window panes of the building were broken. It will assumed to be a criminal Offence, said the police. Technicians of the national Bomb squad examined whether other dangerous objects found at the crime scene. Suspects have not been caught.

+++ 10.10 PM: IPCC: temperature plus about the country has already reached at about 1.5 degrees +++

The global rise in temperatures over the land areas already of 1.53 degrees. To the in Geneva, special report published by the IPCC hervor. Taking into account the slower-warming Ocean, the global temperature has increased overall surface area of almost 0.9 degrees. For this Report, the IPCC compared the periods 1850 to 1900 and 2006 to 2015. The IPCC had warned 2018 against the effects if the global temperature should rise above 1.5 degrees.

In the coming decades, the number, duration, and intensity of heat waves and droughts will increase at least around the Mediterranean sea, warn the 107 researchers from 52 countries. In many regions, in addition, more frequent extreme rainfall will occur.

+++ 10.03 PM: NPD needs to 1.27 million Euro fine to pay +++

Because of incorrect information in their accountability report for the year 2007, the extreme-right NPD criminal must pay funds in the amount of 1.27 million euros. With a published decision, the Federal constitutional court in Karlsruhe is a fair judgment of the Federal administrative court from the year 2012. (Az: 2 BvR 547/13)

In March 2009, the then President of the Bundestag Norbert Lammert (CDU) had in the accountability report from the NPD for 2007 “inaccuracies” in the amount of 1.25 million euros found. In accordance with the provisions of the party law, the Bundestag administration called for a penalty payment in a double amount, so 2.5 million Euro. On the claim of the NPD, the Federal administrative court calculated the discrepancies with 635.678 Euro and the criminal set money accordingly to 1.27 million euros.

+++ 9.30 am: plough slashes car passenger Car driver slightly injured +++

an Unusual road accident in Münster: When sudden steering maneuvers of a tractor driver cut up a plow to the tractor, an oncoming car on the driver’s side. The 61-year-old Car driver was the incident with light injuries, as the police in the Morning told. The 35-year-old tractor driver was reported to be out of initially unknown cause in a curve straight ahead and forced the oncoming Cars to Dodge on the green strip. As the man at the wheel of the tractor noticed his mistake, he was troubled, and pulled the steering Wheel – ausschwenkte whereby the plow and the Car met.

+++ 8.57 PM: Nitrate contamination in the groundwater, apparently, continued to increase +++

The nitrate pollution of groundwater is increased to a newspaper report that last more. Of the 15 groundwater monitoring wells with the highest loads, the average nitrate content of 2013 to 2017 have increased by almost 40 milligrams per litre, reports the “Rheinische Post” citing a reply from the Federal government to a small request of the Greens group in the Bundestag. During the measurement should be measured in 2013, according to previous government figures, the average value of 170 Milli-grams per Liter, had it been in 2017 according to the current government’s response is already 209 milligrams. In the EU, a permissible limit value of 50 milligrams per Liter. The EU had threatened at the end of July due to the ongoing nitrate pollution of any further action against Germany.

+++ 8.44 PM: husband calls accidentally by the police and is arrested for Weapons charges the other day +++

An accidental call to the police for a canadian serious consequences: In his house in the ostkanadischen city of Chebogue officials found 100 firearms. The man had not secured possessed the weapons legally, but correctly, said a police spokesman. The 73-Year-old had actually want to the phone numbers-Hotline 411 call, however, make a mistake, and instead, the police emergency call 911-elected. Although he explained on the phone his mistake; the police but came to him anyway. The officers then discovered when they entered the 94 rifles and six pistols. The police seized the weapons; its owner was briefly arrested. In the meantime, he is free again. In October, he will be a judge.

+++ 8.34 PM: kittens in the state of Baden-Württemberg from the sewer flushed +++

has been flushed A kitten in Baden-Württemberg by the fire Department from the sewer. The cat boy had lost close to a disco in Offenburg in the sewer system, such as the fire and rescue services now. Accordingly, employees of the restaurant had heard on Wednesday afternoon, a pitiful whimper, and had the Call traced. They discovered the cat in a sewer pipe in a depth of about four metres. Since she could not free herself, and called the employees of the fire Department. After several attempts, the task forces were able to flush the four-to five-week-old Boy from the pipe. Up on a hypothermia, the cat remained unharmed. Like you could reach in the channel, is unclear.

+++ 8.22 PM: power outages and a death toll in earthquakes in Taiwan +++

In case of an earthquake in Taiwan a man has at least killed. The quake, with the thickness of about 6.0 was felt in the Morning on the whole island. It led, according to the authorities in the Metropolitan area of the capital, Taipei, to power outages in more than 1300 houses. High-rise buildings in Taipei faltered, people were torn out of the sleep. The center of the earthquake was about ten kilometers of sea depth in front of the North-East coast of the island. In the case of the death of the victims is a 60-year-old woman who was beaten to death near the capital of a fallen Cabinet.

Taiwan had already been in April, an earthquake of a magnitude of 6.1 haunted. At that time, 17 people were killed.

+++ 7.08 PM: health insurance company warns of dangerous “gaps” in the hundreds of thousands of children +++

The health insurance company Barmer warns of dangerous “gaps” in the case of several hundred thousand children in Germany. More than one in every five in 2015 child born is not or incompletely vaccinated in his first two years of life against measles, said the barmen in Berlin after the analysis of data of own Insured. Extrapolated to the total population, just over 166,000 two-year-olds in the year 2017 without the full measles protection. “In Germany, still too few children are vaccinated. This makes the eradication of certain infectious diseases is impossible, and prevents the protection for all those who can’t vaccinate,” warned Barmer chef Christoph Straub.


fact check about vaccinations: “it is necessary to make measles through?”

Should I vaccinate my child? Many parents are unsettled by discussions in the network or in the nursery. The most important facts at a Glance.

dpa +++ 6.57 PM: an Israeli soldier in the West Bank stabbed +++

Israeli security forces have found in the West Bank, the body of an Israeli soldier. The military body said on Twitter, the had several stab injuries. The incident had occurred in the area of gush Etzion, South of Jerusalem. In the night the family reported the young man as missing, reported the Israeli TV. According to media reports, the security forces believe that it is the assassination of a Palestinian.

+++ 6.55 PM: volcano in the vicinity of Tokyo +++

broke out near Tokyo, a nearby volcano first erupted in four years. The Asama volcano began in the night, ash and smoke nearly two kilometers high up in the sky launch. The national Meteorology Agency of Japan triggered an alert of level three on the five-step alert scale. This means that no one should approach the crater. The authority warned that it could be in a radius of four kilometers around the crater through the air flying larger Rocks and fierce currents of hot gas.

The Asama volcano is located 140 kilometres North-West of the Japanese capital. At the outbreak of the volcano in the year 2015, there had been no casualties.

+++ 6.10 PM: Australian member of Parliament compares China to Nazi-Germany +++

Australia is concerned, increasingly, because of China’s increasing influence in the Pacific region. Now the Chairman of the intelligence Committee, Andrew Hastie compared, from the ruling center-Right coalition, today’s people’s Republic with Nazi Germany and sparked outrage. warned in the Sydney Morning Herald warned Hastie before, the threat posed by China to underestimate: “The West has once believed that China’s economic liberalization nature would lead to democratisation. That was our Maginot line. You would keep us safe. So as the French believed that their Wall of bunkers and fortifications would protect them against the German advance in 1940. You have made a mistake disastrous.” Germany had occupied France in 1940. As a Maginot-line bunkers and the existing defense has been referred to the system of the French.

+++ 5.47 PM: cocaine packet in million value in new Zealand at the beach, rinsed +++

In new Zealand, more than a dozen packets of cocaine washed up on shore. The drugs in the market value of more than 1.8 million euros, have been discovered at Bethells Beach, a popular beach near Auckland, the largest city in the Pacific state. The drug was hidden in 19 parcels, which were about the size of a video cassette. The police asked all beach-goers to report immediately, if more of the drug should occur.

it is Suspected that the parcel of smugglers was intentionally left in the water to bring the drugs to shore, and then took but by the flow the other way. New Zealand, according to a study recently published in the world, the country, where cocaine costs the most. On average it is about four Times as expensive as in the USA.

+++ 5.36 PM: After the Oscars also Emmys without host +++

the Oscars will go in this year, the award ceremony of the TV-prices Emmys without a host on the stage. “There were names that were in the conversation, but it was drawn a conclusion, that in this year when so many Shows come to an end, the time for this,” said Charlie Collier, the head of Fox Entertainment, the U.S.-according to media reports, at a meeting of the Television Critics Association. Fox exudes the Emmy Gala on September 22. September. “We will be without a host, in order to have more time to honor these Shows.” This is, among other things, to the success of series like “Game of Thrones”, “Veep” and “The Big Bang Theory”.

After the cancellation of comedian Kevin Hart, after a controversy over past anti-gay remarks, this year’s Oscar ceremony in February had gone without a host on stage – and had largely positive reviews get. “That was certainly something we looked at,” said Fox-head necklace now. The Emmys, which are considered to be the most important TV awards in the world, and this year to 71. Time, to be awarded had not previously taken place three times already without a host – 2003, 1998 and 1975.

+++ 5.07 PM: Dreyer praises Merkel for dealing with jitter, seizures +++

The acting SPD Chief, Malu Dreyer, has praised attacks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) for the handling of your Trembling. “The public do not have to endure that politicians are not always perfect. Public can, however, expect you to do your Job well,” she said of the Funke media group. Therefore, had been done for the theme, as Merkel had said that you could fill out your office to a hundred percent. The practice in the United States that politicians must fully provide information about your health, go “too far”.

Dreyer suffers from Multiple sclerosis. “The people here used to forget that I have a chronic disease. When I use my electric car, to call the people sometimes: “Good improvement!” You have the impression that I just had a skiing accident or something. This is a pretty good sign. The society has become more open.”