the Protocol is a documentary highlight of the Japan visit of Angela Merkel and a reception is without Pomp and Glamour.

As the old Japanese Emperor Akihito receives the Chancellor to the conversation, he does this in the Shohiroma, the Small audience room of his residence in the strictly sealed-off Park of the Imperial Palace of Tokyo. The Chancellor appeared in the blue Blazer with black pants, the Emperor in the elegantly-simple black suit.

during the welcoming of the shortly before his abdication, standing 85-Year-old and in their last term in office, ruling the German head of government to face each other. The Chancellor bows slightly, the Emperor extends her Hand – a gesture of respect. Previously had a big ceremony master Yoshitaka Akimoto Merkel in reception and the expiry of the audience explained.

The Shohiroma is a small room, the atmosphere is quiet. Traditional paper walls, light wood, light carpet. Merkel and the Emperor sitting in wooden chairs, chatting relaxed. In the Background a bouquet of salmon-colored roses. After the exchange of formal greetings, it is less stiff. Photos show how Merkel gestures – the contents of the conversation remain unknown.

It was the third Meeting of the Chancellor with the Emperor. He plays an important integrative role in the state, but is not a player in the politics of the day. 30. April will resign Akihito – it is the first Time in about 200 years in Japan, that the Emperor during his lifetime, leaving his successor to the throne. Akihito goes to this step for health reasons. On 1. May, 58-year-old son Naruhito will be the throne – the Chancellor will meet later in the day.

After the conversation with Akihito drives Merkel to talk to the students of Keio University, it is one of the most important Elite universities of the country. From the audience, the Chancellor calls “questions about politics, life and the world, don’t be Shy”. As the first Student comes in polished English, to word, want to know the Chancellor and more about him. He is an exchange student from Cologne, Germany. “Well, you meet a German Chancellor, that you go to Tokyo,” replied the young man.

free trade, relative to China, Artificial intelligence: these are also at the University of the topics Angela Merkel speaks. Germany and Japan were faced with the threat of the free world to trade together for a Reform of the world trade organization (WTO), says the Chancellor. This will also be a strong accent of the current Japanese presidency of the G20.

The Federal government is pursuing intensive trade dispute between the United States and China, said Merkel. A decline in Consumption in China as a result of the trade conflict with the USA in Germany and Japan immediately noticeable, because the economies are closely intertwined. That is why Japan and Germany are committed to the multilateral Trading system. China should take with its growing global claim more responsibility in the world, calls for the Chancellor. The country will need to grow “more in the responsibility for a peaceful world order.”

In the debate over the Chinese Telecom giant Huawei and its participation in the development of the Autonomous Driving necessary for 5G mobile and wireless technology in Germany, the Chancellor announces, we need to talk with China about it, “that the company submits data to the state, which can be used, but that one gets as collateral”. The Chinese state should not be able to data of all Chinese products, which used in Germany. It would have to be found with China, and the intellectual property of “care and fair” will be dealt with.

words of Warning finds Merkel against the uncontrolled use of Artificial intelligence (AI). You have to entmystifizien the AI, and a down-to-earth relation to their use. “What we do must serve the people” and the need to keep the upper hand.

The most important thing was the ethical guidelines for AI usage, calls Merkel. It will also need to be talked about, as long as you had a human personality. “If I get a Chip in my brain so I can think faster or have a better way of thinking – am I the same person? Where is my man ends,” asks the Chancellor, almost philosophically. “You will be able to read, one day our way of Thinking”, prophesied to them. But: “do we Want that?” At the end of her visit, Merkel wanted to visit a High-Tech laboratory, it developed the Digital applications of the future.