In search of the in a well shaft ousted two-year-old Julen in Spain, the bore of a vertical is a complete, Parallel Tunnels. As the newspaper “El País” and other Spanish media reported, citing the use of forces in the village of Totalán, was placed in the vertical Tunnel 60 meters deep late on Monday night, finished. The basic of the volunteers want to dig a horizontal access to the Bay, in the of the Young the 13. January was overthrown.

According to information of the “Bild”newspaper, the rescuers want to be up for lunch to Julen penetrated. The workers would have a horizontal, about four feet long, a connection to the narrow hole digging. The responders worked in shifts and would be left in a metal cabin down. By Hand with pickaxes, lift and, consequently, the Tunnel.

Spain is a kind of fountain mountains, very difficult

The attempt to penetrate to the small child, it is still extremely difficult: The hole has a diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters and is supposed to be 107 meters deep. Julen is suspected in 70 to 80 meters depth. The bore of the access by part of the rocky floor took much longer than initially assumed. Experts believed it was still possible that the Young could also be more than rescued a week after the fall live.

fin / DPA