Edward “Eddie” Gallagher, 39, is a soldier, a highly decorated elite. A “legend”, some say. Gallagher, his alleged nickname, “Blade” (blade), trained as Special Operations Chief other US Navy Seals, was a sniper, bomb specialist, and a medic and war veteran. He was several times in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And he is a cruel and remorseless war criminal, accuse him of soldiers from his unit.

In may, is provided to Gallagher in front of a military court. Since September of 2018, he is in custody. He should civilians have been arbitrarily killed. As his superiors had learned of the operations, you should have covered for him. So to go from an internal investigation report of the U.S. Navy, the New York Times (NYT) and the journal “Navy Times” reports.

The eye-witness reports seem to be overwhelming

In the detailed 439-page report painted a disturbing picture of the soldiers, writes the “New York Times”, but also about a subculture within the Navy Seals, the lack of Conscience are subject to stringent and malefactors shooter.

Is convicted Gallagher for alleged war crimes, threatened him with a sentence of life imprisonment. The soldier pleaded his innocence and rejects all the accusations. But the eye-witness reports seem overwhelming:

Gallagher should have a shot in 2017, in Iraq a girl wearing a Hijab with floral patterns and with other girls on the go, with a sniper rifle. Have reported that protect two Navy-Seal-sniper, such as “NYT” quoted from the report. One of the two alleged eye have witnesses observed, such as Gallagher’ve watched through his riflescope as the girl bleeding in the collapsed.On another day, Gallagher is said to have an unarmed, elderly man in a white Robe shot, the water wanted to get.In may of 2017, Iraqi troops would be able to provide a 15-year-old IS fighter who was injured in the fight, medical. The wounds were not life-threatening. Gallagher will later be encountered, and I have several times stabbed in the neck and belly of the boy. After his death, Gallagher and others posing over the corpse for photos.

In addition, Gallagher is said to have regularly and arbitrarily fired with a heavy machine gun in the residential areas, until the magazine was empty. In addition, he bragged in front of comrades, how many people he had killed. Rules he often disregarded.

Other fighting for the freedom of the Navy Seals

So it signs eye witnesses, including Navy Seals, writes the New York Times. You should be great resistance and pressure encountered. Accordingly, the first allegations were raised in March 2018, compared with officers who were friends according to the “NYT,” with Gallagher. You should have got the Seals, to let the matter rest – otherwise, it could be your career in danger. After that was a long time nothing happens, a few days after the talks in March 2018 Gallagher had been even awarded for his services in Iraq. Later on the soldiers would be able to enforce an investigation, as they turned to another Department and threatened to go to the media.

Since September 2018 Gallagher sits in custody. According to “New York Times” accused him of over a dozen Offences, including premeditated murder and attempted murder. Neither Gallagher nor his attorney wanted to make to the newspaper’s opinion. Superiors who have met Gallagher perhaps, the threat of a penalty.

The case has become a political issue. Veterans and Conservative points behind Gallagher, calling for his release, and collect donations – for example, through the sale of “Free Eddie”T-Shirts. Andrea Gallagher, his wife, and Sean Gallagher, his brother, appeared on “Fox News” and defended his innocence, writes “the NYT”. You have dismissed the allegations as a conspiracy, launched by Navy Seals who wanted revenge on Gallagher.

Even U.S. President Donald Trump has turned on in the case:

“In recognition of his past services,” said Trump on Twitter, was to be moved to Gallagher in a “less restrictive” detention accommodation until the start of the process.

sources: New York Times