In the case of the murdered hitchhiker Sophia has the office of the public Prosecutor of Bayreuth murder charges against a truck, collected driver.

The prosecution accuses him of, the 28-Year-old in mid-June, attacked, in his violence, brought and killed, to previously committed offenses to conceal. The 1977-born Moroccans claim to have the student in a skirmish killed, said the Prosecutor’s office.

Sophia had wanted to hitch-hike from your place of study in Leipzig in the direction of Nürnberg. The load took the car driver, according to the investigation at a service station on the A9 motorway in Saxony and murdered a little later. The man was arrested in Spain. There is also Sophia’s body was discovered. The driver of the Truck was shipped to Germany and arrived in custody.

when and where exactly the young woman was killed, was not certain, said a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. The district court of Bayreuth must now decide whether it will allow the charges. A date for the trial is not fixed yet.

In September was Sophia in the family and circle of friends has been buried in her home town of Amberg in the upper Palatinate. Around 200 friends and family members accompanied you on your last way.

her brother Andreas Delete had criticized the work of the German investigators repeatedly publicly. So is the case of his sister, had been considered for long as a missing person’s case, although it had been clear that it was a crime of violence. Also, the communication between the länder did not work.

The family of the student, however, fought back, and, besides, that right-wing populists, the fate of the young woman’s need for their purposes. “It’s clear violence against women and not violence and refugees. This is to me the most Important thing is that this is clear,” said Clear in December.