Wyley Simpson lives together with his fiance, Stephen Gaeth in the state of Texas. He is already for years in a hormone therapy – and yet, surprisingly, the news is that He is expecting a Baby. The Pair is now a little family, and together they raise their son, who came in September 2018.

“You told me I was not a man. Men don’t wear babies.”

The Transgender man was born a woman and decided at the age of 21 years to a gender reassignment. In 2013, he had the Breasts removed. He also took for years, testosterone, which meant that his Menstruation was remained for a longer period of time. The female genital organs he had, but the Doctors assured him that he could not even be pregnant.
in the Morning, had to fight Wyley Simpson suddenly with Nausea. When he visited a doctor, found that the man was in the eleventh week of pregnancy. His fiancé and he decided to have the Baby and to go through the hard time before them.

As a Transgender man, it was not easy to show in Public that they were pregnant. “You don’t see every day a pregnant man along the road to walk, therefore, we have to learn a whole lot of insults,” he told the Daily Mail. “They told me I would be no man. Men don’t wear babies.”

On his Instagram profile, Simpson, shows his “Pre” and “After” baby belly

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1st photo: pre pregnant dad, 2nd photo: about 19 weeks 3rd photo: week before moon child arrives 👨👨👦 , 4th photo: 2 weeks post-partum, 5th: 2.5 months post-partum. I love sharing my story , I loved being on this journey , it has taught me so much and helped me grow as an individual and a father as well. I couldn’t have done it either without my wonderful husband @theuptownstudio . #seahorse dad #transdad #TRANS-pregnancy #gaydads #lgbtq #queer family #pregnancy journey

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His son came in September 2018 on the world

The little Rowan came in September 2018 by caesarean. All the insults of the people, and the severity of the time – they were immediately doesn’t matter as the two fathers. Simpson and Gaeth live together happily with their now six-month-old son. To get “Rowan and to be a father, it was all worth it – I would have done anything differently,” the Transgender man. “I’m glad I was able to bring something so wonderful to experience and my own child to the world,” – quoted by the Daily Mail.

His son Rowan to remain the only child, that he himself gives birth. He is now planning a full gender reassignment and more Surprises of this nature should no longer be possible.

He shares pictures of his happy family on Instagram

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2nd to last day in Texas. Rowan got to see his cousin Mickayla and it was beautiful. So long Texas, it was fun and we created good memories. It’s our time to go #traveling gays #TexasToNewMexico #queer family #transdad #gaydads #lgbtq #pregnantman #@theuptownstudio

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Its crazy beyond belief how many negative comments there are out there directed towards myself or family . I knew it was the inevitable when sharing my story and I’m not surprised, just feels very sickening . You dont have to agree with me but c ok me on stop being childish and making rude hateful comments . It’s not cute or tough. It’s just plain ignorance … This is why I decided to share my story, This is why I decided to be public To be visible To take the hurt and pain when others put there cant speak up at the moment. That’s okay too , it will come in time and when this world had more safety and outreach to go to. I stand here and continue to share my story about my family wants. I am a man who birthed my son, Your comments won’t change who Iam I will always be a father and a dad. Just because I have some assembly required, doesn’t make me any less of… #wewontbeerased #TRANS dad #TRANS-gender family #equality #gaydad #pregnantman #stopthehate #lgbtq #samesexfamily #visibility

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