Nine days long-awaited Shirell Powell at the hospital bed of her brother. Then she met a heavy heart a decision: you told the Doctors, the devices, receiving the man of the life, off. There was no hope that he would ever recover from his severe brain damage. The drug abuse had taken its toll.

But a few weeks later, when she was planning with her sister for the funeral, a call came in from the autopsy of the city of New York. It put a bit of confusion. The man, who was passed away in a hospital bed, would be Freddy Clarence Williams. Shirell Powell, a brother, Frederick Williams, sitting in detention in the New York prison Rikers Island. “I almost fainted, because I have not killed someone I knew once. I gave my consent,” she told the American newspaper “New York Post”.

swelling of the face disfigured

The Drama was already in mid-July of last year. 15. of the month of the now deceased Freddy Clarence Williams with a drug Overdose and was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital. Although his real Name was noted under his social security number, had called the staff of its Relatives, but Shirell Powell. Whose brother was like the Patient is an African-American, about 40 years old. He, too, had visited the Hospital some time ago, and the phone number of his sister deposited.

argument for euthanasia

Holly shows online, like a disease destroys you slowly. Now she wants to die.

Shirell Powell so rushed to the hospital to your alleged brother. “He had tubes in his mouth and a neck support,” she said of the “New York Post”. His face was swollen, but she recognized her little brother. To not able to this time, Williams speak. Only two days later, the Doctors declared him brain dead.

Powell brought rushed to the scene sister initially had doubts as to whether there’s actually her brother. But she had to convince, the swelling in face had changed its appearance. Even the daughters of Frederick Williams wanted to recognize in the patient, her father. 29. July decided to leave the family, then the devices turn off.

To the hospital a lawsuit comes to

After the autopsy, when Powell had reported, she learned weeks later that her brother since 1. July on Rikers Island is seated. You came to his hearing, to ensure that Frederick Williams live really, she said the news portal “The Daily Wire”. Also a phone conversation you have with him. He was not pleased that his sister would be in the case of doubt with him, the devices turn off.


tired of life of 104-Year-old, passed from this life and peacefully


Powell disappeared has sued the St. Barnabas Hospital in the meantime. The broadcaster CNN, her lawyer said the hospital did not want to so far, sorry for the confusion and Sloppy. An investigation of the operations, have rejected the line. His client was in psychological treatment. The “New York Post” she said that she could hardly sleep. Still it is unclear who the Dead man is. According to CNN, neither the family nor close friends have reported. The Hospital itself wants to make, no information to the man.