Over Parts of Germany have raged on Friday, a fierce storm. In Berlin, the fire Department called the state of exception, in lower Saxony, a tent was cleared the camp, and in Thuringia, rescuers brought four people after a lightning strike to the hospital.

In lower Saxony, Dinklage was evacuated in the evening in heavy rain a tent camp. Around 120 children had been billeted in a school, said Deputy city fire chief. In the city in the evening hours of 16 water-related operations. Several cellars were full, as well as a Hotel was concerned.

In the case of a lightning strike in the Eichsfeld in Thuringia, four people were injured. They came on Friday with the ambulance to the hospital, as a spokesman for the rescue coordination centre said. Details of the exact circumstances of the incident in the vicinity of Leinefelde-Worbis are not yet known.

The Berlin fire Department called due to a lightning storm a state of emergency. The helpers moved on Friday to 80 weather-related operations, and it said in a message on Twitter. Also, the fire itself was not free from the consequences of the strong rain, not spared: “several guard buildings, we have experienced water leaks to deal with our forces,” she said on Twitter. At the airports Tegel and Schoenefeld there were delays. Several cars remained in the partly knee-deep water in the centre of Berlin are located.

For the second Time in two days, was cleared in the afternoon, the festival site of the Wacken Open Air due to a lightning storm. After two hours, the Fans were again on the so-called Infield, so the area where the stages and stalls are available. Already on Wednesday, the part of the terrain that was open at the time already had to be cleared because of a thunderstorm.

Also on Saturday, it may be according to information from the German weather service, especially in the East and the South-East is still a violent Thunderstorm. The sun shall show up most commonly between the North sea and Western Pomerania as well as in South Baden.

waste water disposal demand, meanwhile, towns and cities better in heavy rain to prepare. Part of the water could not drain away masses in the channels, but were going over it, said the Vice-President of the Association of municipal enterprises (VKU), Karsten Specht, the German press Agency.

storm drains and channels could not be enlarged anywhere. “Our cities are often sealed to very much,” he criticized. There is a need, therefore, more green spaces such as Parks, and more Green on roofs and facades. One of the most important strategies the so-called “sponge city,” said Specht.

climate change increases the risk for extreme rainfall. The VKU sees policy and urban planners in the duty: There is a need for local initiatives, in which all the actors were sitting at a table, the Federal and Länder governments should support the municipalities, called woodpecker. He, however, also appealed to home owners: “Through an unsecured basement window and the inputs, or the Parking garage entrances can penetrate the water in the building and lead to damage,” he said. In contrast, help to make houses “water resistant” and cellar rooms, for example, backwater valves and Flood to protect.

For the Expansion of the Sewerage of the place, said Specht is lacking and sometimes simply. “Construction and operation of the wastewater charges would cost also explode.” More Green and water areas in cities could at the same time, reduce the temperature by Evaporative cooling, and increased overall quality of life.

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