Nearly two months before the elections to the European Parliament, 32 percent of Germans want the European Union to survey negative.

the 57 percent rate the EU positively, and eleven percent are undecided, as on Saturday released survey by the market research Institute, the Splendid Research. The elections to the European Parliament will be held in Germany on 26. The end of may.

As a positive result of the EU a majority of respondents called free travel, Work in other EU countries and the free movement of Goods and services, as well as the common currency. Negative were, however, assessed the impact of the EU on agriculture.

The Brexit a clear majority of Germans rejects: 64 percent rate the Britain to leave the EU in a negative, 28 percent support it and eight percent are indifferent. The majority of respondents expect the UK to exit the EU, especially negative consequences for the economy, the political situation and the living together both for the UK as well as for the rest of the member States.

A recovery in the EU after leaving the UK, 85 percent of Germans would approve of. However, the respondents request, then mostly sharper conditions: Almost half of German citizens would require a re-entry, the application of the same rules as in the case of new members. Every sixth German would even expect tougher conditions. Only every third one would be with the application of the same rules as previously agreed.