The delicate debate had happened to the animal protection Association again: the state Should do meat for a more moderate consumption and more animal welfare is more expensive? So far, meat is taxed as most of the food is only seven percent instead of the usual 19 per cent. The Federal Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner restrained in responding to claims that the repeal of VAT reduction for meat. In the vast majority of commentators in the German press, the idea is not good at all.

“Westfälische Nachrichten” (Münster)

“animal welfare, the health of the consumer, the climate protection: There are many good reasons, our meat consumption to think about and probably, it felt limiting. However, in this case, the increase in the VAT is probably a mistake. […] Who want to serve animals and the environment, you must define minimum acceptable standards and ensure that they are complied with throughout the country. More expensive the meat is, anyway. Educated consumers no longer need to accept that it is the kilogram of Sausage for 3.50 euros. In this point, some of our European neighbours are much more.”

“people’s voice” (Magdeburg)

“Yes, meat is too cheap. Yes, we are all for animal welfare. So, we increase the VAT and with the money we can build new, better stables. This will not work. Apart from the fact that the purpose of disappear-linked taxes at the end with a large probability in a large pot, would overwhelm the effective control for the benefit of the animal, the state completely. Not even the promotion of the best interests of the child succeeds in correctly: The “educational package” only comes in at a good ten per cent of the Beneficiaries. The opposite effect occurs If, in addition to discounters and sausage, also of the state, the manufacturer increased the cost pressure on the pig fatteners, he has even less money he could invest in animal welfare. Even today, the prices for it are barely adequate. Instead of thinking short here, should make politicians on the way to Brussels. From there, the animal could probably be priced about strict rules for all.”

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