The arrest of a suspect in the fatal shooting of North Hesse Prime Minister Walter Lübcke raises many questions. State office of criminal investigation and Prosecutor’s office have commented so far, neither the identity nor the possible motive of the man.

special forces had taken the 45-Year-old early Saturday morning in Kassel festival. Since Sunday, he sits under arrest on suspicion of murder in custody. The arrest was reported to be “on the basis of a trace of DNA match”.

media: man. of right-wing scene

close to Several media reports, meanwhile, citing investigators that the man on the right of the scene close to, or at least in the past, contacts in the right Milieu had The “daily mirror” wrote, however, it is still unclear whether Lübcke had been killed from a right-wing motive. A spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Kassel wanted to report the comment to request the media.

The 65-year-old Lübcke was in the night of the 2. Of June, at about 0.30 p.m. on the terrace of his residential house in wolf Hagen-Istha been discovered. He had a gunshot wound to the head and died shortly afterwards. Since then, a 50-member special Commission established.

authorities give buttoned

The authorities were buttoned also to the arrest of the suspect part. For more information on the arrest and the current situation should be announced this week, it said in a statement. When the Public is informed, was not informed. To made origin or nationality of the detained, the investigators have no information.

questions and answers

50 officials

murder case, Lübcke: police use on the North sea to determine the ferry – what’s behind it?

By Daniel Wüstenberg

The inner politician of the Left, Martina Renner said the German press Agency: “there Should be no question that the perpetrator comes from the extreme right-wing scene, that would be my expectation that the interior Committee of the Bundestag scheduled for next week for a special session.” It should then go only to the Background of the alleged offender, but also to the current hazard potential in the area of the right-wing extremism.

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