On the Morning of the 7. July 2005 Dan Biddle is on the way from Romford, on the periphery of London, to Wembley in the North of the capital to a large construction site. Actually, he has to call in sick, but still. He missed a Station, because he writes the lyrics on the phone to a colleague and have to take a different route. The only reason why Dan Biddle is, then 26 years old, in this subway car – right next to the bomber, seconds later, a backpack bomb ignites.

“shit, this is a terrorist attack” – Watch here the Video Interview with a Survivor of the terrorist attack on the London Bridge:

Biddle, the most seriously injured victim of this until today, the most devastating attack of the British history. He loses both legs, his heart is three times, a total of 42 liters of blood are pumped in the course of the next few months in his body. He spends 51 weeks in the hospital. In the Podcast Dan Biddle tells not only of the physical injuries, but also of post-traumatic stress disorder that tormented him for many years. And how he was using his wife ACC the way back to life. “Without you”, he, “wouldn’t be says I here today.”


Dan Biddle

©Mathias Braschler & Monika Fischer

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