looking for a better cell phone-Signal Thai is overthrown foreign Student to death. The 21-Year-old fell during a Online game with friends in the capital city of Bangkok from the balcony of a hotel, the police announced on Wednesday.

The Student had come to Bangkok to participate in a tournament of the popular Online game “Arena of Valor” (“Arena of Valor”). In the Hotel he wanted to play on Tuesday evening with a round of with friends. According to their statements, he went out on the balcony, because the Smartphone only had bad reception.

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SpotOnNews police Bangkok has no evidence of suicide

Suddenly moved in to the Online not game his character at all. When the friends returned, they discovered that the 21-Year-old from the balcony was plunged into the depths. His cell phone lay beside him.

The Student came from the city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Notes on a suicide, there is, according to the police, no.

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