A mother is with her daughter on the Playground. She is short and inattentive, and living through a nightmare: The child is gone. This nightmare lasts for a mother from Guxhagen (Schwalm-Eder-Kreis in North Hesse) has now been four days.

He began last Sunday. The mother was with her daughter on the Church’s Playground in the street “To honor the grove” in the 5000 inhabitants of the place. Against 15.30 o’clock, she left the five-year short from the eyes and never saw her again. Since then, lacking any trace of the child.

search Kaweyar from Guxhagen

Immediately the mother of the family gathered members, friends and Acquaintances, searched the surroundings of the Playground. After the action, remained without result, were the police and the fire brigade alerted. On the same afternoon, around 300 rescue workers were deployed, searched with the rescue and people of the municipality of sniffer dogs, two helicopters rose. Because the Playground is located in the immediate vicinity of Fulda, was also searched the river in boats and divers, and also members of the Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft (DLRG) were in use.

In the following days the search went on: to 15 km of the Fulda cycle were searched, also sonar devices were in use, THW moved to support – without success. In Guxhagen respondents, police officers, potential witnesses, such as other visitors of the Playground, and took pictures of the surroundings. “We want to reconstruct the Disappearance as well as possible,” said a police spokesman, the star. To do so, officials wanted posters hung, and distributed flyers to passers-by; in the hope that someone or something seen.

police have no evidence of criminal Offense

It had, in the meantime, has received a lot of clues to the whereabouts of the girl, the spokesman said. These will now be investigated. Hot on his trail, however, is not yet including. Parallel to this, the officials are looking for more. “We once again fly with the helicopter and the Fulda, whose level is currently lower.” The search for the child will be intensified, depending on location, additional forces are available.

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evidence of a crime, it is not at present. So a terrible misfortune? Maybe the girl is just hiding? Kaweyar autistic, is unable to Orient itself. Officials were in the town of Guxhagen, door-to-door and asked residents to look at possible Hide on their land, according to the child. Give up is not for the use of force in question. They hope to be able to the nightmare of the parents of Kaweyar finish.

Kaweyar is about 1.20 meters tall, slender, and has medium length brown hair. At the time of her disappearance she was wearing blue pants, a pink sweater and black boots.

information on the whereabouts of Kaweyar take the criminal police in Homberg, under the phone number (05681) 7740 or any other police Department.


police officers distributed in the town of Guxhagen and the environment, wanted flyer

©police Bureau Nordhessem

source: Polizeipräsiidum North-Hessen / Homberg