This travel home will not be forgotten 26 children from Northampton in Pennsylvania. Shortly after their 44-year-old school bus driver was started, to panic them wide. A student told local TV station WFMZ: “she drove a curve to the right, and drove much too fast. She was half in the oncoming lane.” Many students tried to move the driver to Stop.

Then the bus driver should be shown the middle finger and “Go f*** yourself!” said. A student reported the newspaper “The Morning Call” that she’d also said that she would give up her Job after two weeks. Other eye witnesses said the driver had said, she wanted to kill the children.

students come with the horror of it

Finally, the woman drove to a gas station, left the Bus and pushed an employee of the Busschlüssel in the Hand. The children came up with the horror of it and were able to leave the Bus through an emergency exit. Later they were picked up by their parents or came with a Replacement bus home.

The 44-year-old driver was stuck in her home – and taken into custody. Your behavior reckless driving, Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as child is at risk in 26 cases, the accused, reports the magazine “People”. The local police and the Northampton Area School District are investigating the case currently. A court hearing is scheduled for mid-March.

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