A Rottweiler has attacked in Baden-Württemberg, a mother and her two small children. The dog jumped in Meßkirch in the district of Sigmaringen, on a plot of land fence and grabbed a first year boy in the jacket, such as the police of Konstanz and the Prosecutor’s office Hechingen said. The child suffered bleeding injuries to the head and face.

As the mother of intervention, and the Small high took, browsing the Rottweiler in the upper arm of the woman. Nevertheless, the 30-Year-old, to put their one and three year old sons in the bike trailer and away. Because the Rottweiler not desisted from the family, fled to a parked tractor. Witnesses were aware of the incident on Tuesday and provided assistance.

Rottweiler and the owner were found

The mother was brought by the ambulance service to a hospital and treated. The one-year son and his three-year-old brother, who bore various contusions and bruising of it, were able to leave the hospital after outpatient treatment. The Rottweiler was later found by police officers at his owner in Meßkirch. Against the holder due to the negligence of the body is determined violation.

km / AFP