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Rottweiler attacked a mother and two children (9.16 PM), investigators catch the wrong COP (8.38 PM)new Zealand demands entrance fee from tourists (6.11 PM), Large electric air taxi creates first flight (6.04 PM)Vonovia gives older tenants residential warranty (5.15 PM)Alabama: Quasi-abortion ban signed (1.54 PM)

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+++ 10.15 am: NRW checks forged student IDs, + + +

the North Rhine-Westphalia, checks the introduction of forgery-proof student ID cards or school certificates, to attempted welfare fraud by poverty migrants curb. “Municipalities from the Ruhr area such as Duisburg and Gelsenkirchen wish to identify the introduction of forgery-proof Students”, said municipal Minister Ina pawing Bach (CDU), the “West German General newspaper” and the “Westphalian Gazette”. “The state government is examining the and is the wish of open-minded.”

Several of the Ruhr area cities reported according to the pawing Bach “by Trying to of immigrants from South-Eastern Europe, with copied and fake student ID cards and school certificates of children to request money for children living in NRW”. The state government clarified with the municipal associations costs, Benefits, and work statements expenses for the new students.

+++ 10.11 am: heat on Cyprus to 37 degrees in the shade +++

High temperatures make people on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The Thermometer indicated in the morning in the island’s capital, Nicosia, temperatures of around 37 degrees. This was unusual for the time of year, said meteorologist television in the state. The heat wave will continue in the next three days, it said. The citizens were called not too long Outdoors in the sun, to stop, to wear light-colored clothes made of cotton and drinking plenty of water. Elderly or sick people should stay home, advised Doctors on the radio.

+++ 9.55 PM: Ex-Salafist preacher Sven Lau is prematurely released from prison +++

The former mönchengladbach-based Salafist preacher Sven Lau released early from prison. The competent criminal Senate of the higher regional court of Düsseldorf have agreed to a release of Lau after having served two thirds of his five and a half years in prison, confirmed in an OLG spokesman. Lau have distanced themselves from Islam and was also a member of in a drop-out program.

five and a half years in prison

“demons” – Islamist Lau as a terrorist helper


Lau was sentenced on 26. Sentenced July 2017 due to the support of a terrorist Association classified Islamist militia Jamwa in Syria, the imprisonment penalty. In the case of the detention period, the detention will be counted, so that the former Salafist who was doing preacher now two-thirds of his sentence.

+++ 9.50 hours: Kramp-Karrenbauer says planned security policy speech +++

CDU Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has canceled her planned speech to the European security policy at a conference of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Berlin in the short term because of an Eye condition. The organizers informed in the Morning shortly before the start of the conference. Kramp-Karrenbauer had already been deleted in the past week because of the eyes suffering. The speech at the KAS would be one of its first major foreign-policy Speeches have been as CDU Chairman.

+++ 9.16 PM: Rottweiler attacked a mother and two children in Baden-Württemberg +++

A Rottweiler in Baden-Württemberg, a mother and her two small children attacked. The dog jumped in Meßkirch in the district of Sigmaringen, on a plot of land fence and grabbed a first year boy in the jacket, such as the police of Konstanz and the Prosecutor’s office Hechingen said. The child suffered bleeding injuries to the head and face. As the mother of intervention, and the Small high took, browsing the Rottweiler in the upper arm of the woman. Nevertheless, the 30-Year-old, to put their one and three year old sons in the bike trailer and away. Because the Rottweiler not desisted from the family, fled to a parked tractor. Witnesses were aware of the incident on Tuesday and provided assistance.

The mother was brought by the ambulance service to a hospital and treated. The one-year son and his three-year-old brother, who bore various contusions and bruises, were able to leave the hospital after outpatient treatment. The Rottweiler was later found by police officers at his owner in Meßkirch. Against the holder due to the negligence of the body is determined violation.

+++ 9.04 PM: Ex-ETA leader Josu Ternera, after a long escape, focus +++

After years on the run is one of the leaders of the former Basque underground organization Eta, Josu Ternera, in France, was passed. The Spanish interior Ministry said. Ternera was set, therefore in the early hours of the morning in Sallanches in the French Alps. Ternera, the name is actually José Antonio Urrutikoetxea Bengoetxea, was the political chief of Eta, murdered in her more than four decades-long fight for an independent Basque country for more than 800 people. Ternera was since 2002 on the run. The Eta had announced 2011 to the end of their armed struggle. In April 2017, the organization then gave their weapons completely, in may 2018, they said their final resolution.

+++ 8.57 PM: Mainz Rheingoldhalle burns +++

In Mainz, the Rheingoldhalle is burning. The fire broke out in the roof structure, said a city spokesman in the Morning. Currently, the firefighters open the roof to access the Fire. There is a lot of smoke. The fire Department is with a large squad. From Mainz and Wiesbaden, about 90 are in use, the spokesman said.

For the deletion of the adjacent road, which is one of the main roads in Mainz, has been locked to work, according to police. “Since traffic is at the Moment in the profession.” Also, the driveway on the Theodor-Heuss-bridge connecting Mainz and Wiesbaden on the Rhine, from Mainz is not possible. The police had first informed the fire broke out in an underground Parking garage under the hall. The officials corrected their information later.

+++ 8.49 PM: by to the robbery of a Golden Nest from Berlin primary school +++

After the theft of a Golden nest of a Berlin elementary school, there have been several searches. Officers searched yesterday afternoon by a car, and three objects in Britz, Buckow, Neukölln, Berlin and Friedrichsfelde, such as the Berlin police informs via Twitter . The investigations by the specialist Commissioner to the stolen artwork. According to a report by the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) targeted searches on the Clan environment.

a bird’s nest-inspired artwork made of fine gold had been stolen in the night to Wednesday from a secured glass Cabinet in an elementary school in the Berlin District of Biesdorf. The art work has been exhibited since November, there, alone the material value should be around 28,000 euros. Before the theft had been tried already twice to steal the work of art.

+++ 8.38 PM: in lower Saxony, investigators fake police +++

in lower Saxony, investigators catch have caught a criminal gang that has occurred in the entire Federal territory as a fake police. Three suspects were arrested, the police announced in Diepholz. One of the alleged perpetrators was tracked down on Monday in the district of Diepholz, and arrested. The investigators were assisted by a mobile operations command. The other arrests took place simultaneously in the Rhine-Main area.

again and again scammers posing on the telephone as alleged by police officers. Explain to the Called party, for example, that in the case of arrested burglars a piece of paper with the person had been found alien. Ask for assets and Account balances and rates of the potential Victims, their cash from the Bank to withdraw and Deposit at home. Often, the perpetrators try to get their victims, then to hand over the money and other valuables to an alleged employee of the police Department.

+++ 8.34 PM: at Least ten people buried alive in house collapse in Shanghai +++

The collapse of a building in Shanghai at least ten people have been spilled. It was construction workers who had performed work in the industrial building renovation, reported Chinese media. The accident occurred therefore in the centre of the Chinese metropolis. At least four people had been rescued from the rubble.

+++ 7.01 PM: Iran stresses “maximum restraint” in the conflict with the USA +++

Iran’s foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has referred to the conflict with the United States on the “maximum restraint” in Tehran. “The escalation by the US is unacceptable,” said Zarif, during a visit to Tokyo. In spite of the exit of the USA from the international nuclear accord, the Iranian government let “maximum restraint”. Tehran feel bound to continue to the agreement.

press review

conflict between U.S. and Iran

“A game with fire that could turn the Middle East into a sea of fire”

The conflict between the United States and Iran is intensifying dangerously. Even if no page can have an interest in a war that could lead a minor incident to escalate. The international press sees Washington’s approach is critical.

DPA +++ 6.11 PM: new Zealand required in the future entrance fee of tourist +++

new Zealand is one of the dream destinations of many of the German demands of tourists in the future, a kind of entrance fee. From October to holidaymakers on arrival, you must pay a fee of 35 new Zealand dollars (about € 20.50), such as the environment and tourism Ministry announced in Rotorua. In addition, approximately 47 million euros per year to the state coffers. The money will be invested in the protection of the environment and national heritage.

The Pacific state on the other side of the Globe only has 4.9 million inhabitants. Last year, 3.8 million foreign tourists came into the country, of which 101.000 from Germany. It is expected that by 2025 at the latest, surpassed the mark of five million visitors per year. In recent time there were increasingly complaining that the country’s infrastructure is not set up for it.

+++ 6.04 PM: Large electric air taxi flight +++

creates The five-seat electric airplane taxi Lilium Jet in Oberpfaffenhofen, near Munich, his maiden flight completed. The company’s founder, Daniel Wiegand told the German press Agency, the one and a half tons, the prototype is vertically launched and floated. Next, “are we flying maneuvers.” By 2025, the flight to fly taxis in at least two cities in the commercial daily operation.

The electric airplane is quiet, and I will be able to fly at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour, for an hour, said Wiegand. His company does not want to sell the air taxis, but self-operate, to “price as a Taxi”. Investors have put Lilium more than 100 million US dollars (currently 89.3 million Euro). The company today has around 300 employees and now wants to build “a few Hundred more, and in Germany, four factories to build, probably in Bavaria”.

Controversial housing group

thanks to rising Rent: Vonovia makes significantly more profit

DPA +++ 5.15 PM: the real estate group Vonovia older tenants living warranty +++

Germany’s largest real estate group Vonovia reacts with a residential warranty for older tenants to the growing criticism of the industry. “We give tenants 70 the guarantee that you will not have to leave their homes”, said CEO Rolf Buch before the annual General meeting in Bochum today. Vonovia to secure them, “that their apartment remains in change of the local comparative rent is affordable”. Tenant organizations had complained that many pensioners could afford the rising Rent for their homes.

+++ 5.09 PM: tens of thousands March in Brazil against the education policy of Bolsonaro +++

In Brazil left tens of thousands of people against the education policy of the government of President Jair Bolsonaro on the road. In state universities and schools of classes, so that students were able to participate in the protests against planned cuts. In Porto Alegre in the South of the country, the police used tear gas against protesters. It is the first country-wide protests against Bolsonaros government since taking office, the radical right-wing President in January. His government had previously announced plans to cut spending for the state universities by 30 percent.

Bolsonaro described the protesters as “useful idiots”, which would be manipulated by an “expert minority” at the state universities””.

+++ 4.36 PM: the left group, prohibition of Termination for tenants over 70 +++

Older tenants are to be protected according to the will of the Left is better in front of terminations by landlords. For more than 70-Year-old, a termination by the owner due to own needs to the au by law sgeschlo. According to a request of the left party in the German Bundestag, the German press Agency.

more and more old people would be terminated because of own needs out of their apartment. This is unacceptable, says the Deputy group leader Caren Lay. “As the popular saying goes: An old tree transplanted.” To avoid be Concerned in the event of a termination of a long-term and grueling appeal, must ensure the legislature for clarity, is it to further justify in the application.

+++ 3.05 PM: sculpture by Jeff Koons for a record price of 91.1 million dollars in auctions +++

A rabbit sculpture by the US artist Jeff Koons has achieved at an auction in New York for a record price. As the auction house, Christie said, was auctioned in the silver sculpture “Rabbit” of an inflatable rabbit made of stainless steel for 91,1 million dollars (around EUR 81.2 million). The previous record was surpassed a price for the work of a living artist. The record for a painting by the British painter David Hockney held recently. “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures)” was auctioned in November, also at Christie’s in New York, for approximately 90,3 million dollars.

The 1,04 Meter-Meter-high steel sculpture “Rabbit” is one of the most famous works of the American artist and has been estimated by Christie’s pre-80 million dollars. It comes from the collection of the 2017 deceased U.S. publisher Samuel Irving Newhouse.

+++ 1.54 PM: Alabama’s Governor under the strictest abortion law in the United States +++

signed by The Governor of the US state of Alabama has the strictest abortion law in the United States. The Republican Kay Ivey signed the new regulation, according to which abortions will be prohibited, even after rape or incest. The law will enter into force six months but is expected to be stopped by the courts. Alabama’s Senate had passed the amendment on Tuesday evening. It makes abortion a criminal Offence for the Doctors of between ten and 99 years in prison. Abortions are only legal if the mother’s life is in danger or the fetus has an incurable disease.

+++ 0.34 PM: Approximately 20.5 million children come to easily to the world +++

Each of the seventh Baby in the world, according to a study at the time of birth to easily. More than 20 million newborn babies born in 2015 with a low birth weight of less than 2,500 grams, according to a study by the London-based Institute for Hygiene and tropical medicine, Unicef and the WHO in The journal “The Lancet Global Health”. Three-quarters of these children came according to the study, in South Asia and in African countries South of the Sahara to the world. But even in prosperous countries of Europe, North America, Australia and new Zealand, there has been therefore since the year 2000, hardly any progress in reducing the proportion of births with low birth weight.

+++ 0.11 at: US Department of transportation under flights binds to Venezuela +++

The U.S. Department of transportation has banned flights from the United States in the crisis country Venezuela, and this step with safety concerns are well-founded. There is in Venezuela, unrest in the vicinity of airports, the safety of the Crews is no longer possibly guaranteed, informed the Ministry. Commercial passenger direct flights from the USA to Venezuela is not currently available but anyway – Connections exist only on third countries, such as Panama. The now imposed ban also applies to transport of freight by air. The United States is calling for a long period of time, a change of government in Venezuela and to encourage and promote the removal of President Nicolás Maduro.

+++ 0.06 at 62 per cent of self-employed people have fear for your pensions +++

A majority of self-employed in Germany, 62 percent fear retirement. Especially women are worried about their financial security, such as a study by the Institute YouGov showed on behalf of the Quirin-Bank. However, nine out of ten respondents would opt for self-employment. With the sale of the company, firm or practice for private retirement savings, many self-employed have not studied yet. Nevertheless, they estimate that the proceeds from the sale of, on average, can contribute 48 per cent to what you will have a total of private pension schemes available. For 35 percent of the respondents, the proceeds would amount to layers according to its own estimate, at least half of the back, almost a third could not estimate, however.

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