After the rescue of 49 migrants in the Mediterranean sea, the Italian authorities have ordered the seizure of the ship “Mare Jonio”.

The rescue ship was escorted into the port of Lampedusa, where the migrant should go to the country. In the circles of the interior Ministry, the first interviews of the crew were held on the same evening. The office of the public Prosecutor of Agrigento in Sicily, who against unknown aiding and abetting of illegal Migration, reported the news Agency Ansa.

“In Italy, there is now a government that is defending the borders and ensuring that the laws are complied with, especially by the traffickers. Anyone who makes a mistake, paid for,” said interior Minister Matteo Salvini in the evening.

the head of The right-wing Lega had denied the ship of the Organisation Mediterranea Saving Humans before the entrance to the Harbor of the Mediterranean island. In addition, his Ministry published new guidelines for the rescue. A violation of these rules could be considered as abetting human trafficking.

The Italian search and rescue project, Mediterranea, which was also the German Sea-Watch, and other NGOs are involved, had picked up the migrants off the Libyan coast. They had been on a boat, in which he ran the water. A man had been taken to Lampedusa to be treated by a doctor, a spokeswoman said.

The “Mare Jonio” sails under the Italian flag. Salvini is of the view that the Maritime search and rescue instructions of the Libyan coast guard to resist and illegally Italy have approached instead of having to travel to Libya or Tunisia.

The populist government in Rome blocked since last summer, multiple rescue ships with migrants on Board, in order to prevent the arrival of the people in Italy. On several occasions, the helpers waited the Rescued for days on the sea, until the European governments had agreed on the distribution of people in different States.

Salvini itself to the accused in the case of the vessel “Diciotti”, among other things, deprivation of freedom, because he wanted to allow rescued migrants to the country. A process can only take place if the lifting of his immunity. On Wednesday there will be a vote in the Senate.

off the coast of Libya, a ship disaster, meanwhile, again with possibly dozens of dead. The Libyan Navy said 30 Missing. A child is dead have been recovered, 16 people have survived, as the wooden boat was hit near the coast against a rock, said a spokesman.

For migrants, the Crossing is to Europe is always dangerous, especially on the Mediterranean sea, barely rescue ships are on the way. Italy supports with the help of the EU, the Libyan coast guard, which brings the migrants back to the civil war in the country.