It was probably one of the longest Church services that took place in the Netherlands. He lasted about three months, according to the “New York Times” were involved in the 1000 priests and pastors from all over Europe. On Wednesday evening, after 96 days of continuous worship, hurrah, announced to the Bethel Church in The Hague, finally: “! The Church is closed.” The policy has articulated – and the community achieved their goal.

The Kerkasiel in the Netherlands

The Duration of the Church service began on September 26. October 2018, the Drama years before. An Armenian family had been looking for in the Protestant Church of the protection in order to prevent their deportation. The parents and three children ranging in age from 15 to 21 years of age, left their home country nine years ago, according to its own figures, due to death threats against the father. As of 2010, you lived in the Netherlands. Two Attempts by the family to deport failed before the court. The third Time, her asylum request was denied. The family fled to Church asylum.

The municipality took advantage of a legal regulation of the Kerkasiel, the Kirchenasyls, in order to preserve the Armenian refugee family facing deportation. Accordingly, the police may enter only in a Church, if there is no divine service is celebrated. The starting shot for the Duration of the service.

breakthrough after 96 days of continuous worship

And the beginning of a great wave of Solidarity. Under the Hashtag “#kerkasielBethel” drummed up a lot of the low countries for a stay of the Armenian family, a Petition rights called for a rethinking in dealing with refugee children without stay – the paper found around 250,000 signatories.

on Wednesday night, after 96 days of continuous worship, finally, the breakthrough: The Dutch government coalition agreed after lengthy Controversy, on a humanitarian Stay control. Thus, about 600 minors and their families are allowed to remain in the Netherlands, even if their application for asylum was rejected. A prerequisite is that the children are raised in the Netherlands. “We are very grateful for the safe and secure future for hundreds of refugee families in the Netherlands,” said the Chairman of the Council of churches, Theo Hettema.

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