A video sequence, which originates from the Japanese city of Nagoya, shows a bizarre scene in which a Raven turns his head to the left and to the right and stand on top of his wings seems to be. With a little distance this bird looks like a muscular Gorilla.

reached by Twitter User Keita_Simpson split Clip over the ravens in the shortest amount of time over nine million views. Most of the commentators below the Post to show irritated and cared for the bird. Some suspect the bird had lost his legs and had to rely, therefore, on his wings to keep from falling.

The Raven enjoys just the sun

The bird-expert Kaeli Swift of the Washington University said in the “Daily Mail” to do this, merely a copy with a disproportionately large Beak, lets the entire head of the animal is unusually solid appear. The Raven show, however, is absolutely normal behavior. He basks and tries to posture as many of the sun’s rays to get to his body surface.

The camera caught the ravens in a change of position in such a special angle that the bird looks as if he had no legs.

sources: Daily Mail / Twitter Account “keita_simpson”