Donald Trump is the wall on the border to Mexico, probably the most important project of his government – for the US President the necessary tool against the “security crisis” in the South of the country. The immigration of violent Criminal could be stopped, “if we had a barrier, a powerful barrier, made of steel or concrete,” says Trump. However, the prototypes of this barrier have proven to be, according to the U.S. broadcaster NBC News as a not-so-powerful. In the year 2017 through a guided Test of the Homeland Security have shown that all eight prototypes of the border wall can be destroyed with usual tools, including the stalla Melle models, considered to be the favorite.

slats of sawn

A photo is the transmitter now, the steel fence, wherein the plurality of blades sawn. The image was received by NBC News on the test site on the border between California and Mexico, as the “Pogo Row”.


dispute over the wall to notice Mexico

Trumps ten of the most notable statements during his border visit

last Thursday morning, confronted journalists Trump with the test results. “This is a wall, which was designed by the previous government,” was his answer. This is even the right one. Built the prototype, however, during his term of office.

“There is nothing that can’t be broken,” the President continued. “But it is very difficult to do that. Besides, this is just one of the walls. We have a lot of walls that we consider. […] Our wall will be very, very difficult to overcome.”

wall as a buffer

The Homeland Security took the position of the sawn prototype: “The steel slat construction is based on the operating requirements of the U.S. customs and border protection and is a Design that is for more than a decade and during this time has been refined. The professionals at the border don’t know that a wall to prevent only the entry, but the time and effort of entry will increase, so that we can respond with a limited number of border guards. Even a wall that can be overcome, is a valuable tool for us, because we can react to the attempted illegal entry,” said a spokeswoman.

the customs and border protection Agency of the United States had already declared after the announcement of the test results, the prototypes of the wall is not “supposed to be indestructible”, but are designed to impede the entry of, or to interfere with the border protection time to intervene.