“It’s business Time”: Under this Motto, which alludes to a Song from the American Comedy series “Flight of the Conchords,” has shot up the company Rocket Lab is the first commercial cargo rocket in Orbit. On Board, among other things, the six satellites have been paying customers, it means – you have been successfully exposed.

the Start of the 17-Meter-high “Electron has been Documented” with a live stream on YouTube afterwards to watch. The rocket starts from about 19:50 minutes:

Rocket Lab is a privately held company and operates a small space station on the Peninsula of Mahia on the East coast of the North island of new Zealand. From there, the “Electron”the rocket twice before test flown in may 2017 and January 2018. In December, the company plans to further this Mission, the US space Agency Nasa.

“Our ‘Electron’ is made to bring small satellite in low earth orbit”, had Peter Beck from Rocket Lab said a few weeks ago in an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE.


Beck said: “We are shooting our second rocket stage in a very elliptical orbit, where it comes to your application quickly with the atmosphere in contact, and then burn up in the atmosphere. In order to bring the satellite to its place, we use a different level, which we call ‘kick stage’. If the has made their Job that fires your jets, leave the Orbit and burn up in the atmosphere.”

More about Rocket Lab and the future plans of the company, including a starting place in the United States, you can find here.

More about Rocket Lab Rocket Lab is a new Zealand rocket builders Rocket Lab: With competitive prices to All